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Why do women hate other women so damm much?

When compared with the early first-wave feminists of the 1800s, today’s feminists have devolved exponentially. In the early 1790s, women argued for fair treatment in relation to educational opportunity and economic equality, these rebels are known as first-wave feminists.

In contrast, the ideal feminist prototype in 2020 is seamlessly interchangeable with her male counterpart, these chicks are the non-compos militant third-wavers, devoid of any actual feminine qualities, I guess they are the anti-feminine feminist.

How did this drastic change occur?

There are suggestions that the unencumbered emergence of hyper-emotional beta males might have skewed the values of the age-old female rating system, which in turn lowered their value and confused the order of dominance. Most likely, the contemporary feminist is too frightened to compete in their traditional environment and sorely lack virtue and self-esteem, which is often provided by domineering alpha-men during a girl’s early years.

Made 4 eachother

The verdict has yet to come in as to whatever drove this unpleasant metamorphosis, however, the result is much less ambiguous, a drastically altered specimen with a drastically altered world view.

One can observe this horrible phenomenon on Youtube, from the safety of their bedroom and witness these angry women as they disrupt an event or marshall some nonsensical protest.

 Many of these radicals revolt against conventional beauty and sport boyish hairdos, usually with close shaved areas or unsavory green or pink patches of hair.

A cadence of violence and hate can be heard erupting through frothy foam covered lips attached to the faces of these dynamic women. These men-hating hipsters are short on patience and long on demands.

Their m/o is to shout down the opposing points of view or stick their finger in their ears and chant “la, la, la, la I can’t hear you”. They often succeed at closing down an event that highlights any position of which they disagree. Frantic screams of “misogynist white males”, “white privilege”, and “fascists” can be heard ad nauseam throughout the air of their protest.

The misuse of the label fascist is perhaps their most stupefying irony; maybe they shouldn’t have been so eager to replace history class with homosexual woodrat theory. Silencing opinions and beliefs with rabid opposition or violence are two of the very hallmarks of fascism. The fact is feminist mobs can routinely be captured shutting down conservative events with violent actions and threats similar to the original fascist.

Of all the “unfair” events, or sadistic oppressors, or unjust circumstances, real or imagined, to have produced actual damage to the female collective, it is the so-called third-wave feminist that are responsible for the most detriment and the deepest erosion to mar modern women.

Real men eat live fish right from the river

Ironically, Women of the West’s most formidable adversary is other women of the West. The traditional role of the female as a child bearer, homemaker, and nurturer has been reprehensibly stigmatized and marginalized. These aren’t mere duties, but rather an integral ingredient of Western Civilization and as valuable as any other. Many modern women ardently adhering to these traditions are scoffed at and made to feel inadequate.

Sadly, the trajectory that many women are shamed into following, swiftly leads to the disillusion of marriage, promiscuity, single motherhood, depression, and a host of others. This only increases a woman’s self-depreciation and profoundly compromises the way she values herself.

Radical fems are self-loathing failures, frightened by traditional women and instead of trying to compete, fems cowardly strive to devalue the accomplishments of these real women.