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Giants, Magic Carpets, and White Privilege

Giants, magic carpets, and white privilege, all fairy tales.

White privilege is a concept that’s certainly trending well in pop-culture vernacular, the popularity of this label, however, doesn’t make it any less erroneous. I’ve had countless conversations with a diverse sampling of Gen Z’s and fear that this frivolous accusation is rapidly becoming viewed as legit.

If white privilege were publicly dissected, the impressionable masses could see that it doesn’t apply to the majority of American’s sharing European heritage. Ironically, it is a tag that fits snugly upon most of those that routinely wield it as a weapon.

There are primarily two distinct factions that fan the flames of this defamatory charge and both are significant risks to the continuation of our civilization.

Identifying the enemy (Type One) & (Type Two)

Sifting through a random fist-full of fellow Americans, identifying “type one” is child’s play, they never stray far from their protected environment. Type one is generally associated with loud-mouth white women, sheltered from the grime of reality, they typically graze on college campuses or on the fringes of the middle-class.

Type One

Type two is easy to define and identify, they are predominately white, Democrat, and from the god-awful Boomer generation. Socially and economically upper-crust, these aging hippies are committed to deconstructing our civilization and creating a new culture.

Unlike type one, they are aware of the irreparable consequences of identity politics and more specifically, promoting something so irresponsible and derogatory as “white privilege”.

Type one closely resembles Africa’s cackling Hyena’s, their clan has an abundance of males, but the female is far more imposing, and they dominate the social hierarchy.

They are the epitome of a self-loather, in a desperate attempt to balance-out emotional and mental shortcomings, they consume significant helpings self-hatred and cling to what they deem a worthy cause, social justice.

Although the college bimbo is more academically endowed than her type one counterpart from the middle-class, she’s still working with a very primitive definition of intellect and almost zero common sense.

Brutishly railing against the patriarchy and more often than not, white privilege, is a temporary reprieve from acknowledging the lonely void, left by a lackluster and meaningless life.

Her entire existence defines privilege, an insulated life that conveniently side-steps the self-sacrifice and tragic loss that most white people regularly endure.

Millions of white Americans will never be handed a job, scholarship, a lighter sentence, tax-payer funds, or any of the plethora of advantages enjoyed by the socially repressed victim class.

In a society where integrity and personal responsibility are viewed as shackles or roadblocks that restrict immediate gratification, there is still a large population of white men that play by the rules and value self-determination and accountability.

It’s not uncommon for these men to meet every challenge, alone and without the aid of a federal safety net, in determined pursuit of providing safety and sustenance for their loved ones, only to be replaced by an unqualified rube that far better meets the requirements of social justice.

The unsettling anatomy of type one

Most of these delusional agents of change are obviously white, however, the internal baggage from their fractured state is so prolific, their own race repulses them and they have zero tolerance for those that don’t share similar self-disgust.

Type ones are commonly seduced by the derailed lifestyle of an SJW, hating themselves with such a passion, they will seek social justice for non-whites by stepping on the throats of their own race.

The digital medium exposes these unfortunate souls on a daily basis, even when they manage subdue their hyper-emotional nature, they are plagued with flawed arguments and a severe lack of logic.

Wealthy, liberal Democrats cast dispersions of white privilege for political expediency, while type ones actually subscribe to the bullshit. Both, however, enjoy the privilege of being safely insulated from reality and regularly patronize minorities.