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Generation Z-ombie

Generation Z, not your typical snot-nosed punks who refuse to exit the nest. No, these effervescent prodigies represent a very unique class of Americans, unlike any generation prior.

It’s not all sunshine and candy-flavored vapor though, the poor sons-a-bitches will never appreciate or understand the precious gift from our founding fathers.

The Founders demanded that we live and prosper, left unrestrained from the onerous trammels of corruption and absolute power. So important an appeal, they paid for it with their blood and an exceedingly substantial amount of courage.

 Generation Z is the initial wave of fully programmed flesh vessels, designed by the political left, they simply are not wired the same way. They were taught to view the founders as a flawed white group of misogynists.

How did this happen? It can’t be true.

Since the 60s, left-wing radicals have drastically tampered with the social structure of the United States. There is no disputing that the left has controlled the National media and Hollywood since most of us can recall. They have also commandeered academia, the most influential institution in which to peddle political left propaganda.

What could possibly be the motive for the political left to brainwash our children?

Uncontested power, to be wielded by those that practice the same principles or lack thereof. The greatest stumbling block facing the left is predominately the white middle and almost middle-class.

Why the whites?

Embedded within their DNA, white people possess the will to fight and die to live as free men and the left acknowledges this trait, understanding that it is unwavering. However, by manipulation and subterfuge on an enormous scale, the left can brainwash Americans and suppress the biological impulses that would normally trigger the instincts to survive as free men.

Defiling a man’s values and traditions sub rosa weakens his resolve with guilt and inner conflict. The aristocrats steering the left don’t actually subscribe to the shit they are shoveling, that’s for fem-boys and angry vegans. However, it is a necessary tool to enslave those that would oppose you.

Can their propaganda actually be that potent? What, are they brain-washing people to be inept losers?

First, we must agree that nothing could be a more effective means to sell a product (or belief) than the continuous campaign that insidiously distorts cognition and makes a man question his empathy. Secondly, the persuasive sources of communication at the left’s disposal, in which they can administer their toxic venom is relentless and covertly applied to average Americans.

The Big Three

The mass media is a supposedly trusted authority on information, accurately briefing the country on matters that concern us presently and in our future.

Hollywood, powerfully dictates messages to popular culture and reflect what we see as truth.

Institutions of learning, the faculty has become a surrogate parent, trusted to shape the vital information we see as truth. Schools instruct us on how to solve problems using practical applications. Imagine the influential grasp that lefties could apply to the latest generation after partisan operatives posing as teachers have meticulously scrubbed an evolving mind’s natural reasoning skills.

The issues

The big three’s modus operandi is to extirpate the traditional doctrine that fortifies a society’s core.

Homosexuality, feminism, and mass immigration

Homosexuality is a debilitating biological anomaly, compromising an otherwise flourishing culture’s chances of survival. It weakens eons of basic societal structure, biological or otherwise. The next page would be devoted to all the examples supporting the detriment of homosexuality, had this been the subject of the post.

Needless to say, the big three promote homosexuality over other physiological impairments to strain the fabrics of the traditional culture.


Feminism is actually anti-woman and definitely anti-man,  it significantly adds to the breakdown of the family, decade upon decade. The feminist movement is almost solely responsible for the staggering amount of children birthed outside of wedlock.

Mass Immigration

When mind fucking the American public isn’t moving quick enough for the left, they contribute to our low birth rate with abortion on demand and simultaneously pump foreign-born brown folk into the U.S.

Generation Z is effectively the prototype for all future generations, voting themselves into slavery. Hopefully, they will stop the process before it’s too late.