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Justice for Daniel, he was framed by the corrupt political machine

Daniel Holtzclaw is a 32-year-old who former collegiate football star who patrolled the streets of a very black & crime-infested piece of North Oklahoma, as a police officer.

On June 18th Holtzclaw, who was on his way home, pulled over a car for driving erratically. Although he was off duty, his conscience could probably not bare to let a potential drunk plow into an innocent family.

Daniel pulled over a 57-year-old black lady identified as J.L. (Just Lying?). The suspected perp was a bonafide hood-hound, she had an un-covered plastic cup of kool-aid by the driver’s seat and was on her way home from playing some bones at a friends house. (Dominoes)

A couple of vendetta driven detectives and a city plagued by rabid Social Justice Warriors had unfairly pegged Daniel as a sociopath with a fetish for elderly broken down black women.

I’m no homo, but Holtzclaw is a good lookin’ kid and he’s built like a brick shit-house. Daniel has also earned a college degree in criminology, at the time he had a good-paying job, and most importantly, a blazing hot white girlfriend who loves him.

On the other hand, this wretched grandma had a grill like a snakehead fish, a bad wig, and a voice like she smoked 3 packs of unfiltered camels a day. The candid truth was that she was a pissed-off black lady with an ax to grind, she looked at this traffic stop as a million-dollar lotto winner.

A lack of physical evidence, hell a lack of any evidence wasn’t enough to keep 2 hot-shot Dic’s from believing Janie Liggins a.k.a. J.L.., from that point on detectives targeted a group of supposedly similar black ladies and the hits kept comin’

Like voracious bull sharks, this hand-picked posse of black ladies could taster blood in the water, lawsuit time!

The cops, who for some reason never believed Holtzclaw, had amassed a number of alleged female victims and one male! Most of these broads concocted a story so outrageous and unbelievable that police were forced to hone it down to 13 shakey alleged victims.

Holtzclaw would stand trial for 36 sexual allegations, he was found guilty on half, 18. Again there were no witnesses and not any direct evidence, yet the man who would often text his babe bible verses was sentenced to an obnoxious 263 years. (These best years of his life will be over by then!)

Although nothing in his past supports the lude behavior Daniel has been convicted of, this trial was a for-gone conclusion. As the sexual allegations played out in the courtroom, potentially violent mobs of racist Black Live Matter vigilantes roared day and night, so loud at one point the Judge was forced to tell jurors to ignore the protest.

It is obvious that guilt-ridden self-loathing whites were deathly afraid of riots and charges of racism, so much so, they made Daniel Holtzclaw the sacrificial lamb.

(Below) Is the story that Oklahoman police don’t want you to hear and the reason folks will never stop pursuing justice for Daniel.

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