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Schifty-schiff says, "I got snake appeal"

I never usually look at FOX News’s, that’s no indictment upon Rupert Murdoch’s top-rated network, I just simply prefer researching my news on less “mainstream” mediums. I will admit to catching the first 20 minutes of Tuckers program, several times a month if I can.

Last night I tuned in for one specific reason, Tony Bobulinski, I was absolutely floored and fucking outraged to discover the difficulty we’re in. Yes, I was disgusted to further learn about Biden’s international scum-baggery, but not even the most grotesque debauchery can detract from the prolific scandal at play in our corrupt media.

Whether journalist genuinely label this as a hoax is almost irrelevant, these disconcerting accusations involve our former Vice President and possible future leader. The information revealed last night was nothing short of a furious detonation, perhaps the most vital news to be reported on in my lifetime.

I’ve seen much more unsubstantiated crap, fiercely followed and over-sensationalized by our treasonous press than this, the Russian hoax come to mind immediately. Tony Bobulinski soberly laid out the incriminating evidence that should be running on the front page of every paper and internet news network.

The fact that social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, suppressed the initial story should infuriate Americans, and now that there is an actual, credible witness that has come forward with some pretty damming revelations, this needs coverage.

The potential crime makes Watergate look like a droopy-eyed, armless child, as the prolific sage, Charlie Sheen would so elegantly put it..

Even if this was total bullshit, which it is clearly not, it’s garnered so much interest that the media must report on it, anything less is negligence.

I scanned the home pages of NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, and there wasn’t so much as a micro-pixel dedicated to this critical discovery. I made the case, several months ago, that this pointed suppression amounts to election interference of the highest order and the media must be made accountable.

We’ve arrived upon a most distressing moment in time, regardless of how people view President Trump, the cooperation amongst media personalities to destroy his re-election bid is mind-blowing. The degree to which they have compromised their integrity, in an overt campaign to protect Joe Biden, is a surreal pill for even the most cynical.

What should frighten all Americans to their core, is the government and the media’s pathological pursuit to reinstall a corrupt single-party system, shockingly sidelined in 2016. The past century of self-serving Democrats and R.I.N.O. Republicans represent a sinister fraternity of vipers, known as the establishment.

The establishment’s so desperate to marginalize any adversaries of the status quo, they’ve abandoned almost every pretense of honor and patriotism. Once the small and shrinking population of informed citizens is finally overwhelmed by masses of foreigners and ill-informed Americans, the final bulwark before totalitarianism will become permanently silenced.


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