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Forcing Israel’s Hand

When I learned that we were extending Miranda Rights to enemy combatants, a right specifically afforded to citizens of the United States by the framers of our Constitution, I conceded, the idea of this republic surviving(in tact) for 3.5 more years, was a fantasy. I will be writing about the demise of America(as we knew it) in an upcoming article titled, Amerika. Now, however, is it only me or does it seem President Obama is on course to irreversibly change the dynamic of our relationship with Israel? For the worse.

By giving Miranda Rights to the enemy in Afghanistan, who happen to be Muslim, Mr. Obama shows his utter contempt for our constitution and his willingness to coddle the enemy, regardless of their religion. This display of utter lunacy, just happens to coincide with Mr. Obama’s cold shoulder to Israel. Hmmm. Pandering to the enemy has never worked, saying that your reaching out to the moderates is a lie, their not the one’s with blood on their hands.

This administration will do all it can in the coming months to cool it’s relations with Israel. With its options becoming slim and none, Israel will be forced to attack Iran, most likely before summer’s gone. Mr. Obama will condemn this desperate act of self defense, making sure he publicly recognizes Israel’s choices were few, in reality their hand was forced. America is under assault, Barack Obama and his leftist progressives will drastically change and redefine us, both home and abroad. God bless our friendship with Israel.