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I sat happily, in my turkey induced sedation, with a toasty fire warming my face; slipping in and out of consciousness watching the 24 hour Christmas Story marathon. I am, as many Christian Americans are, oblivious to the struggle of our brethren . In China, host of the 2008 Olympics, ten women in Yucheng county were escorted to jail for reenacting the nativity scene. Unlike our country, where the Christian religion is merely mocked by pseudo-enlightened liberals, China’s treatment of the Lord’s children is brutal and painfully severe.

At 5:00 pm on December 22nd, officials raided the Sheppard Fellowships bible training class, with 10 uniformed officers. Without a search warrant, police seized bibles and other religious objects that might be construed as illegal propaganda. Along with the arrest of the 10 women, police recorded information that might implicate any of the other criminals connected with this religious conspiracy. (Big Government=Absolute Power=Christian Subjugation)

While most of us in America were loosening our belts for the traditional Christmas feast, securely wrapping up our X-Boxes from Santa; the maltreated masses suffer under the foot of tyrannical governments intent on silencing their faith.

This lack of awareness is an injustice. We understand that the secular pop culture media would rather report on the suffering inflicted by Prop 8, for the sexually oppressed. However, when is the last time we felt the passion from our clergymen, in expressing their indignation for our afflicted fellowship? It is ironic, that on the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, so many die in his name. What have we done today?

The world should be concerned, not only Christians, but free men as well; Big Government cannot implement their agenda, if the people are held accountable to a God more significant than man, himself.

And if you give yourself to the hungry,

And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,

Then your Light will Rise in the Darkness.


Adder Puff

Adder Puff