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Feminism Frankenstein

Feminism Frankenstein

The feminist in 2019 closely resemble men with makeup displaying an over emotional reaction to out of date psychotropic med’s. When compared with their early 1800 counterpart, today’s feminist have devolved fantastically. In the early part of the 1790s women that argued for fair treatment mainly in educational opportunity and economic equality had created the first feminism movement.

Over the past decades three waves of feminism have evolved, however this last wave of non compos militants seem devoid of any feminine attributes. They might not even have vaginas. So should culpability rest at the feet of new age crybaby beta men for abandoning the alpha playbook? The verdict has yet to come in. What is certain however is the religious like fervor of the latest feminist movement.
One need only refer to YouTube to view the latest protest, the meaning of compromise is heresy among these feminist. A cadence of violence and hate can be heard erupting through the foam and spit caked lips of these women. Unflattering patches of pink and green highlight their short or shaved haircuts. These men hating hipsters are short on patience and long on demands.

They are usually protesting an event that they view as rightwing claiming to be stomping out the flames of fascism. Their m/o is to shout down the opposing speaker or stick their finger in their ears and chant “la, la, la, la I can’t hear you”. They often succeed at closing down an event which highlights any position of which they disagree. Frantic screams of misogynist white males, white privilege, and fascist can be heard ad nauseum throughout the air of their protest.

The misuse of the label fascist is perhaps their most stupefying irony; maybe they shouldn’t have been so eager to replace history class with homosexual woodrat theory. Silencing opinions and beliefs with rabid opposition or violence are two of the very hallmarks of fascism. The fact is feminist mobs can routinely be captured shutting down conservative events with violent actions and threats similar to the original fascist.
Feminism infects culture profoundly

The traditional role of female as child bearer, homemaker, nurturer, and all around delicate flower have been breached. These aren’t mere duties, but an integral ingredient of Western Civilization and as valuable as any other. Many modern women following these traditions are scoffed at and made to feel in adequate. The results are disturbing as so often these women get grouped together with radical feminist.

Many chivalrous men have become withdrawn and less sociable for fear of being labeled as a patronizing male. It seems that men haven’t the protocol for dealing with this new beast. An unwritten understanding between the sexes had endured with its integrity in tact throughout the years and many tumultuous times. Women were happy being the weaker sex, letting the boys run the show, and staying home raising the children. They were happy letting men have their sports and their exclusive clubs because they respected the importance of male bonding their children do it.
The most feral female can’t hold a candle to a man in any sport or male exclusive club, yet feminist insist females should gain entry in the boy scouts and the military. Men participating in an all male event will always function differently if a female is introduced, its biology and it will never change. Feminist demand to be treated like men and often adopt their characteristics, yet if you were to violently slap one you’d be instantly shamed for hitting a girl.

What created these women? They are truly a feminine Frankenstein, an altered enigma of a fading hope. I am almost positive that these women are not in satisfying relationships with real men. I am confident in believing that the whole phenomenon results from too many self –conscience insecure beta males. Maybe these females just need a good “straightening out”. Feminist are not just obnoxious blow hards, they are a piece of a much larger movement that includes black lives matter, militant people of color, LGBTQ, illegal aliens and fat food junkies. The primary target that these wunderkinds share is that of white males. The principle assistance comes from news media, the entertainment industry and wealthy elites.

I am having a difficult time discovering any defense being mounted by white males. I believe that it begins by not ceding an inch. I believe that we must engage each other and show our unwavering support for our fellow white man. We mustn’t fear being labeled for just standing up for our beliefs, there is no shame in championing your race as much as the next color. We must refuse to be marginalized or to be quickly ushered into that ignorant white racist box. And you know the white guy that hates his race and apologizes for whites and welcomes the stereotypical portrayal of white men; well show him a correct portrayal of a white man.