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Falsely Accused of Raping His own Fiancé

The nightmare of being falsely accused.

I heard a very interesting story this past weekend,  although it was difficult to relate with this stories subject, I found myself feeling unusually disturbed over its startling details. One of my close friends (legless Pete) and I were entering the initial minutes of what I had assumed would be a long three-hour road trip.

The legless one, Pete, was accompanying me up to my brother’s new house to help him haul in what he couldn’t manage by himself. Pete may only be equipped with one and a half legs, but after he straps his prosthetic on, he can do some damage. One of Petes many endearing qualities is how well he copes with his injury, he basically says: Yeah, this is what I’m working with, now try to keep up.

The story begins

Things had begun innocently enough as I took a tug off my vape, Fruity Pepples & Cream, and politely queried, “So Pete, what’s your homo brother up too? Who’s he cyber-stalking? Do I know him?” Pete’s older brother, Perry, was not an actual homosexual, however, he routinely endures our relentless “ass busting” over his effeminate name and his shy introverted demeanor.

“Aww, bro, Perry had to move back home, he lost his fuckin job! (he’d been working in a small family-owned shop forever and was one hell of a worker, a total dip-shit company man) He’s a mess, our mother is pushing him into seeing a therapist, it’s that bad. It all began with a nasty break-up….”

“What? Miss iron vagina? (don’t ask) no way. She wouldn’t allow your brother to vacate his contractual obligations, who the hell’s gonna shave her back?” I responded. This was a total shock, this broad ran Perry like a mule and controlled what seemed more like a contract with Satan than a relationship

“Dude, she accused Perry of sexual assault! He was locked-up until our Dad could bail him out, he lost his job and she took Shangri-la (Shangri-la is how we refer to Perry’s house on Gyger Pond.  He and his dad spent years transforming a rickety old shack that was almost entirely consumed by over-growth and sitting on 15 acres of land into a picturesque little house smack in the middle of paradise.

Apparently, Pete’s brother had finally discovered that he was indeed a man and had the balls to send his control-freak fiancé packing. The shit hit the fan when Perry, newly single, went out on a date with his ex-fiances cousin, a move that I never thought he was capable of performing, right on.

So Perry’s jilted ex-fiancé, let’s call her Wendy because that is her real name, had wormed her way back into his house, under the guise that she had finally come to terms with Perry’s decision but then, somehow tricked him into sex. I guess she went directly to the police station, with a collection of self-inflicted bruises, some on her vagina no less and convincingly accused Perry of rape.

Can accused men get a fair shake?

Long story short, this accusation of sexual assault had initiated an extremely unfortunate chain of horrendous events, this guy went through every circle of hell for a little over a year. But finally, Perry’s speedy abduction into a sinister alternate reality had concluded, it was over. Now, as if God’s voice of reason was saying, “OK, Perry, my modern-day Job, you suffered long enough. I will send you an angel and she will remove the curse.” everything quickly turned around.

An anonymous package arrived at Pete’s parents’ house, containing a memory stick from an iPhone and after a couple of techie nerdlings sorted out the confusion, Perry’s wicked former flame was soundly exposed. Wendy’s cousin, the one that went on a date with Perry, sent his parents  a video in which the scorned fiancé flat out confesses that she set Perry up, she’s recorded actually saying,” That will teach that little fucker, you don’t mess with this bitch.” Game, set, match.

Although I left out a ton of juicy information that certainly nuanced this virtual Greek tragedy, I have definitely illustrated the relative information that has forever seared itself into my consciousness. Listen, I am a staunch opponent against guys raping women, with that said, the current cultural atmosphere has definitely been affected by The Metoo Movement, Wienstein,  and creeps like Matt Lauer to such an extent that an innocent man is fighting an uphill battle in the majority of sexual assault cases.

If this can happen to a meek wiener like Legless Pete’s brother, it could surely happen to a studly chick magnet like myself. I fear that an ever-growing segment of American society has been brainwashed to value explicit pop-culture propaganda over common sense evidence.


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