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Establishment Drones: The Mainstream Media

Prior to twenty-sixteen, the Establishment typically referred to the sinister fraternity of miscreants that held dominion over the Washington Swamp.

 However, after Donald Trump’s unexpected ascension into the Oval Office, it became clear that the swamp was only a menacing symptom of a larger virus.

An unholy alliance was becoming apparent, Washington insiders were working in tandem with other bad actors from influential mediums, such as academia, Hollywood, special interest groups, and the media.

Until recently, this union had been advancing political & social subterfuge from the shadows, but now,  after Trump’s inauguration, it became almost impossible to conceal the Establishment’s blind rage and desperate cooperation.

Insider’s, pundits, celebrities, and ideologues all fiercely promote the agenda of influential globalists, thirsting for absolute power and authority over the rest of mankind.

In twenty-twenty, one of the most successful mediums to propagate this evil agenda is the mainstream media.

The corrupt mainstream media is primarily operated by Establishment drones, most of whom get their rocks off by fantasizing that they are “patriots in the struggle”, guardians of the “greater good”.

(Below) An extremely minuscule serving of the media’s defamation campaign directed toward our President, revealing their contempt and utter disrespect.

Many media personalities regard peddling their propaganda and bias as a virtuous endeavor and view themselves as a legitimate partner of the elite. Unfortunately for them, they are just another indistinguishable tool in the Establishment’s arsenal.

(Below)This probable sex offender, Lawrence Odonnell, reviles the President with spectacular fervor, sadly, he has millions of Americans hoodwinked into believing that he’s a legitimate journalist, bound by a moral-code and objectivity. 

The corrupt mainstream media was throttled by the unexpected election of Donald J Trump and since that time, failing networks like CNN have proudly resigned themselves toward 100% negative coverage of the President.

Whether or not the mainstream media is aware of their place in the Establishment is up for debate, however, their participation as bonafide Establishment drones is unequivocal, although knowledge of this continues to escape them.