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Is Steven A. an angry black national?

Andrew Joseph, USA Today Sports

The New York Giants made a surprising move on Tuesday as they hired 38-year-old New England Patriots wider receiver coach Joe Judge as the team’s new head coach.

Judge spent much of his time in New England as a special teams assistant and coordinator. He never held a head coaching or offensive coordinator position at any level. Yet, he managed to pull off a meteoric rise to Giants head coach — an opportunity that wasn’t afforded to more qualified minority candidates.

While the NFL’s Rooney Rule requires that teams interview minority candidates during every head-coaching search, there are just three African-American head coaches in the NFL — the same number as when the Rooney Rule was instituted in 2003.

The Rooney Rule, a bullshit virtue-signaling crock, was implemented in 2003 as a way to guilt NFL owners into hiring a garbage coach by forcing them to interview at least one African American when searching for a Head Coach.

As if some NFL owner, whose team is 80% black, is going to forego millions of dollars and prestige Super Bowls victories by passing up a qualified prospect because he’s black. First, that’s giving owners way too much credit and 2nd, if an Owner prefers a wite candidate for Head Coach it’s his prerogative, it’s his team, his money, and he would only be exercising his God-given freedoms.

During Tuesday’s edition of First Take on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith reacted to the Giants’ hire by pointing out the franchise’s apparent disregard for minority candidates.

Steven A. Smith appears to be high on crack cocaine as he delivers a screwball monolog, suggesting that white owners are passing up on solid black coaches simply because of their dark hue.