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Election Coup 2020: In a Nutshell

Aided by a sympathetic and more accurately, a complicit media, including Big Tech, corrupt politicians from the left and the right refused to go quietly off into the night, despite 2016 election results. The people spoke loudly and surprisingly elected Donald Trump, signaling their bitter separation from the status quo establishment.

The establishment

For the last thirty or so years, shitbirds from the left and the right had been shamelessly selling off our country to China. They’ve been spending young lives and taxpayer dollars in fruitless, never-ending foreign wars, while increasing their personal portfolios.

This bi partisan group of insiders were also engaged in a private war to destroy the middle class, flooding our country foreign nationals, deadly opiates, and growing the welfare state.

They have had a monopoly on the White House, beginning with Bush one and continuing with Clinton, Bush two, and Obama, all establishment candidates.

The Democrats have always relied upon the naivety of the public, however, without the mainstream press to cover their tracks, Americans would need to be completely retarded to buy the shit they were shoveling. The depth to which they sunk to eliminate President Trump before the 2020 election was extraordinary, they even resorted to spying and leveling trumped-up charges of treason with zero corroborating evidence.

The press enabled Democrats to defame the President with wildly salacious allegations by failing to challenge or substantiate their claims, most of which were outright lies. Prior candidates avoided these tactics, they were restrained by a “then” respected press and feared objective oversight.   These are just a few examples:

  • Several well-respected Democrats publicly accused Trump of treason, even going so far as to claim the President was a Russian agent!
  • Some congressmen even reported that he was taking orders directly from Putin, without a stitch of evidence!
  • Manufacturing evidence and blowing millions in taxpayer dollars, they impeached Trump.
  • While giving Democrats a pass, the corrupt media fake-checked the President and legitimized every erroneous claim against him.
  • Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff openly defied the President and publicized unsubstantiated claims that challenged his mental fitness and character.
  • The Democrat-friendly press vehemently refused to report anything positive regarding the Trump administration. Partisan hacks such as Lawrence O’Donnell and others leveled personal attacks on the President, they often furthered Democrat misinformation.

Despite these several desperate attempts, Democrats failed to even scratch the Presidents armor, much less unseat him. Consensus was that failing to stop him, meant they would be forced to deploy the nuclear option.

The Election Coup 2020: This is what happened, in a nutshell

As of November 5th, the Democrats are still nuts-deep in the fraudulent process of abducting the 2020 Presidential Election.

They might have slipped this one past the goalie, were they not forced to overinflate Biden’s vote totals with an unrealistic shit-ton of fraudulent mail-in ballots. President Trump was leading in most pivotal states on election night, when from outta nowhere, overwhelmingly Biden mail-ins would turn the tide. 

Establishment operatives, nationwide, initiated the nuclear option and began following the playbook, right on cue we heard from the dead, multiple voters, and out of state voters.

Did the Democrats expect the public to trust that Joe Biden received the most Presidential votes in history, and simply move on?

Biden, a senile old bird, sporting a 47-year long resume of fuck ups, flip flops, and suspicious dealings has just received more votes than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, two exceedingly popular Presidents.

Crotchety ole Joe, conducted a lackluster campaign at best, the primary motivation for a typical Biden supporter was their delirious hatred of Trump. Despising the opposition, typically doesn’t coincide with shattering all previous voting records.

President Trump himself, garnered a tremendous share of the vote, unprecedented in fact, the only way for the Democrats to succeed was to fraudulently stuff the ballot box.

The stolen election of 2020 is the most substantial crime of our lifetime, so-much-so, establishments drones are deeply in denial and labeling it a kooky conspiracy theory. It’s not such a stretch, however, if the actions of desperate Democrats, to unseat the President, are put in perspective.

In a nutshell

Fanboy or not, we all can agree that the Bidens campaign was the furthest thing from a “record-setter” and the tumultuous events of his shady life were never too far from the public’s periphery.

Old Joe was floundering in the primaries until he was handed South Carolina by crooked Clyburn and Kamala completely shit the bed, not quite “record-setting “lineage.


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