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Disproportionate Fear

Headlines: Canada launches missile attack on U.S and kill seven in Detroit, Obama refuses comment, Nicolas Sarkozy worries U.S might respond with disproportionate force, Oprah yet to weigh in.

Let’s suspend reality for a moment, at least the part about the Canadian missile launch, now let’s talk about the two Israelis killed Monday night by Gaza militants (i.e. Terrorist). As Israel continued its third day of aerial assaults, a terrified Israeli woman searched desperately for shelter from one of the countless Hamas missile strikes; the warning siren didn’t sound soon enough to provide her with safety, she would later die, a casualty to shrapnel wounds. The other unfortunate death was a defense soldier killed in a mortar attack.

The perpetual assault Hamas has delivered to a tolerant Israel, has lulled the response of the international communities into a complacent status quo. Israel’s restraint has been nothing short of divine passivism, as the world has come to expect. The media, fresh from “Operation Get Obama Elected” has decided to placate Palestinian sympathizers by emphasizing their the innocent victims of this lopsided Israeli assault. Since 1988 Hamas has left a bloody trail of innocent bodies, that by the year 2000 had left 377 dead, 2076 injured, 53 of which were suicide bombings that claimed 289 lives.

In a surreal alternate universe, LA California, American protesters gather to passionately voice their dismay with Israel. Imagine that, when Israel was getting lit up by thousands of deadly rockets courtesy of Hamas, NATO slept quietly and the International Community turned the other way. Disproportionate force? If Liberal LA were to lose men, woman, and children to years of senseless attacks, what force would they lose? If these protesters were constantly being told that they were going to be annihilated, could they look their child in the eye and say “We deserve it?” I think not.


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