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Disorder at the Border: The Rotten Truth

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Unwavering diligence applied by the American media to disseminate artificial narratives surrounding illegal aliens exposes the vile contempt that Democrats harbor for U.S. citizens. The media painted these lawless invaders simply as undocumented immigrants forced to flee the wreckage caused by persecution in their native lands. How can anyone trust cable news network’s that berate our President on a 24 loop?

American Media= Democrat Party

 Chaos on the border doesn’t result from a powerful conglomerate of old racist white men intending to revoke an immigrant’s perceived inalienable right to become a citizen and collect welfare. This chaos results from trespassers taking advantage of our weakness. They demand entry into our country, unaware and unconcerned of the plight facing poor Americans already.

Think For Yourself

Give it, we want it” The clueless morons that protest to leave the door unlocked do not consist of anyone putting their lives at risk for freedom or anyone that appreciates liberty and understands what it means. Americans that can still recognize this danger must start speaking up, like me.

One, maybe the persecution they face is warranted; or are we going to just take Chris Cuomo’s word for it. Two, we already have poor, illiterate and unemployed criminals, they’re living in Detroit. Three, they are hardly undocumented immigrants, they are ALL criminals. It doesn’t matter that some are toiling in a legitimate rough patch because they are ALL committing a crime. Four, they are bad parents, dragging their minor children through hostile environments, exposing their children to rape and other violent acts. The U.S. is already coping with our own miss-parented minors and their effect on society.

Illegal aliens are bolstered by the reckless statements from top ranking democrats like Nancy Pelosi who insist that Trump’ efforts to strengthen border protection are “immoral”. Democrat voters foolishly believe the narrative created by the press and Democrat leaders. The left peddles an erroneous portrayal of impoverished third worlders drawn to freedom, democracy and self determination. Most people on the right can clearly see that they are opportunists that come despite those virtues, seeking free stuff.

Our Replacement Has Arrived

At the day’s end, these are not asylum seekers or people interested in contributing to the greatest nation on the planet. South and Central Americans are choosing to force their way into the United States rather than correcting their own countries. Why? They are aware of the free and easy benefits awaiting them north of the border, whether they are knowingly complicit in the liberal plot to weaken America and disrupt voting demographics is unknown.

Western countries are more hospitable to these quasi-migrants than their own countries; maybe their countries know something about them that we don’t. They only make the United States worse, even if a few do contribute in positive ways, it doesn’t out-weigh the insidious work of their comrade’s. So we might never reap the windfall of assets that the “good ones” may account for, I’m willing to take that risk, how bout you?