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It's become clear that we are devolving.,

Scanning through the news and following the most recent events is a practice in which I routinely engage, despite the risks that this entails. Lesser men, mostly information junkies, are often the sad casualties of the well-crafted “hyper-fright” and hopelessness that the corrupt media peddles on a daily basis.

Last week when my informative eye was absorbing its usual share of current events, the info gathering process came to a screeching halt and I was alerted by a reoccurring theme. I was concerned by an article with an all too common narrative, reporting on routine events that would have elicited hysterics not too long ago.

San Diego Loyal, a US soccer team, abandon any chance to reach the playoffs by walking off the field during a match against Phoenix Rising. Collin Martin, self-affirmed gay, claimed that a player on the opposing team called him a voracious butt-muncher or something to that affect, reports that I read would only describe the insult as a “homophobic slur”.

American contemporaries are so disjointed and entitled, unimaginable events like this are dangerously common but still don’t register with most Americans. Sadly, situations like this illustrate the vulnerable condition of men throughout most of the West.

Defying the laws of nature

There is a reason that throughout world history, mankind’s continued existence had been tasked to men of great strength and ingenuity, only within the last five minutes of existence has this procedure been drastically altered.

Strict adherence to natural law has graced Western Civilization unlike any other, with unprecedented moments of safety and comfort, producing a certain degree of leeway to advance our culture and society.

Unfortunately, the unimaginable has occurred, we have veered off course, too far and those that are aware of this critical lapse are eerily silent.

The detour to extinction

A common lapse in judgement can be exemplified in the current Presidential election, Joe Biden belongs to the party which is responsible for encouraging this societal mutation. When Joe initiated his run (or slow and lumbered walk) to become President, he recklessly expressed that his VP pick would be a woman of color, preferring an insignificant biological trait over strict qualifications.

This attempt at pandering to naive dupes that are easily swayed by meaningless virtue signaling, can only mean one of two things.


Our culture no longer see’s the value of installing the most qualified person into the most substantial roles, this directly conflicts with the fundamental laws of the universe. Mankind cannot defy the most rigid of Universal Truths such as, excluding Jesus, the dead cannot resurrect, a man cannot exist without air, water, and food, attempts to pause your death-clock are futile. Shit like that.

However, our affinity for self-gratification and attraction to entitlement has embolden us to test the laws of the universe and gamble against the brutal consequences. The odds of survival drastically diminish if critical choices are decided by emotion and defiant vanity, instead of intellect.


The Vice-Presidential office is incredibly inconsequential and merely a symbolic post, it can be occupied by any degenerate figure head.

Is it too late to correct course?

Where are we, after ingesting decades of social reengineering and criticism for placing too much value in factual evidence and truth? We are a disoriented society, publicly shamed into worshiping the gods of symbolism.

In the blind pursuit fairness and equality, we steal from the prosperous and exalt the unfit and the weak. We emasculate our young men and breed out their naturally aggressive and courageous instincts, to protect every weirdo and weakling from feeling inadequate.

Unfortunately for us, the barbaric and callus world is waiting just outside the gates and it operates under the pretense of natural law, you’re either a predator or you’re the prey.