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The Democrat leadership imposes their will and their voters follow. The Democrat Apostles

The Democrat undefined base has certainly devolved into a horrific state, proselytized by the amoral evangelist of social deviance.

Economically, they’ve been abducted by an irrational and irresponsible minority, it astounds me that millions of Americans are so fucking dumb and gullible.

After only a few decades the essence of American exceptionalism and individual toughness has been seemingly bred out of the new “woke” generation of parents. Even hogs who’ve escaped into the wild will not become feral so quickly.

Sketch of Woke couple

They are void of any shame and covet to no allegiance to our legacy, the one that has placed our Nation in a different cosmic sphere than others.

The children in this video were spawned by Democrat Apostles; the same parents will expose these children to sound liberal brainwashing of homosexuality, pedophilia, unconformity, selective abortion, and the denigration of women by radical feminists.

The parents or single lesbian mother of these children should be jailed

In most cases, the DA (Democrat Apostles) are built vastly different than their DNC leaders, actually, their leaders are acutely aware that a majority of the narrative that they hustle is total deviant bullshit.

Democrat Apostles

The left visually reconditions and propagandizes their base with an ideology that has been intended to fail, by way of entertainment and controlled news outfits like CNN.

In essence, Pelosi, Schumer, and the other showmen are intentionally feeding poison to their base, they must develop a reliant class of losers and victims.

They understand that the most efficient way to crumble a society is to alienate them from their culture and marginalize vital building blocks like the family. They must stigmatize spousal procreation, tribalism, the patriarchy, heterosexuals, and individual exceptionalism.

The D.A. is divided between three categories; the radicals that actually buy into this fraudulent ideology, the dumb which is self-explanatory and growing in number, and the rest which consists of life-long Democrats, misguided minorities, and groups based on their un-natural sexual identity. (The last two groups have been manipulated and labeled victims by the left.)

(below) More Democrat propaganda aimed at dividing and instilling hate

Poor Kids

Before the Democrats controlled academia, Hollywood and the mass media Americans never imagined the normalization or promotion of odious acts like abortion & late-term abortion, homosexuality, transgender, and single motherhood.

Designed by Dem’s to alienate and divide women and to make them unpalatable to men

These are but-a-few salacious “causes” endorsed by the left. So what’re worse Democrat leaders that are intentionally derailing the Country? Or the Democrat Apostles who seem to blindly champion and embrace every initiative offered up by the left?

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