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Democracy 2.0

Democracy 2.0
In the book Visions of Tragedy, by Richard B Sewall, there burns a quote that has forever captivated me, “Man is free, but free only to chose his prison”. Though this may not be the actual quote, it’s as I remember it. Idiots and pseudo libertarians cry for absolute democracy, as if mob rule equates to a purer form of freedom. Our founders understood that the masses could not be trusted; some influenced by passing fancy, others swept up in the unforgiving pangs of lust. A majority of people has never bested the quality of the few.
The only people promoting democracy are the direct benefactors of it’s gluttonous corruption. Democracy 2.0 ignites fantasies of equality and fairness for the intellectually retarded. Our “exempt from reality” academic professors, have convinced us that 60 million souls sharing the same brain are numerically entitled. Having done so, the qualified few are judged as racist, elite, or oppressive. One need look no further than the violent American Unions to see the utter failure of democracy. Democracy = Failure
Democracy 2.0 is the same rat with better references.