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Delusional Humanitarian

Delusional girly pants people like Warren ignore the starving bum's of America.

A jury of anti-American sympathizers in Arizona has refused to convict Scott Warren of aiding hostile foreigners across the Southern border. Humanitarians like Warren drain valuable finite resources, regardless of the damage it inflicts on fellow Americans.

Just 382 miles away in Los Angeles, there roams over 50,000 homeless Americans that could have used the food and shelter that Warren provided to non-American criminals.

In L.A. there are 8000 homeless U.S. veterans, children and families fearing violence that are routinely over-looked by self-styled humanitarians like Warren. Fellow American s swallowed up by the turbulent waves of misfortune aren’t valuable enough to save, for a liberal activist like Scott Warren.

When the moral authority empowers delusional middle and upper-class white Americans, common sense evaporates. Case in point:

Valuable time and resources are wasted when liberal weaklings smuggle in a hostile foreigner, which could have aided American citizens. When this smuggled vagrant is let loose on American streets, he also consumes financial aid that could have rehabilitated a troubled meth-head locally

What a piece of shit