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Suspected terror attack strikes the Sunshine State

Pensacola, Florida:  A Saudi national who, prior to wasting three unsuspecting American sailors, was entered in a Pentagon training program. WTF! Are you kidding me? A Saudi national permitted to attend training programs developed by the Pentagon?  There are over 5000 foreign nationals currently involved in Pentagon training programs.

Democrats Must Not Have an All-White Debate—and the White Candidates Should Say So—The Daily Beast

David De La Fuente from the Daily Beast is actually suggesting that the remaining top four democrats dig up and dust off some loser from the garbage bin of The Primaries, simply because they are not all white, unlike the Lily-white Quadro-tards of remaining Dem’s.

The Jew,  Crusty ol’ Joe, anal-pirate and the fake Indian are all white, they are the cream that has risen to the top, this doesn’t say much about the “top” or the “cream”

Bernie slaps Hillary’s battleship hiney and it stings

CNN reports: During one of her delusional rants last week, Hillary Clinton blamed Bernie Sanders for hurting her 2016 Presidential campaign by delaying his endorsement. This lady continues to spiral down the denial wormhole of an alternate reality. Bernie responded by telling the Iowa Press that “I’m sorry that Hillary is rerunning 2016”

“I will rape your corpse, Bernie!” cites trusted lip reader

Big Bird bites the bullet

It’s a sad day for commie lefties administering mind control from the Public Television propaganda machine, the voice of Big Bird has passed away. Caroll Spinney, 85, has been the voice of Big Yellow as well as Oscar the Grouch (who may or may not have been an illegal alien) for over 50 years.

This Day In History

March 17, 1996, Club Kid Michael Alig and cohort “Freeze” bashed fellow sodomite  Angel Melendez’s skull in with a hammer and then poured Draino down his throat.

Angel was a gay drug dealer and Alig was just another pervert getting hopped up on Heroin, Coke, Chrystal Meth, Ketamine, and the date rape drug Rohypnol. Alig probably owed Angel a shit-ton of money and the drug dealer was going broke accepting blow-jobs, so he came collecting.

Angel was apparently getting the better of Alig when Robert “Freeze” Riggs decided to cancel Melendez’s check, BAM!, he whacked the shit out of the gay Hispanic with the business end of a hammer.

After Angel was rendered incapacitated, Michael Alig cowardly finished him off with the business end of a pillow a pillow. They then, of course, stripped the clothes from the body and stuffed in the tub. Five days later, Alig high on Heroin, cut the body up and “trew it in da river”.

Michael Alig would have probably sashayed through the rest of life as a free man, were it not for him bragging uncontrollably to anyone who’d listen.

Sexual deviant and homosexual dismembering monster living free