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Dark Forces of the Left: The birth of fake news in America

The Democrat controlled media will destroy this country

Every aspect of the American media has been profoundly infected by the nefarious dark forces of the Democrat party.

From the local celebrities to the nightly syndicates, morning television talk shows and even the halls of public television, the wells have been poisoned.

The media may have saved Hillary from hard time.

The journalist reporting on the nightly news simply regurgitate the identical scripted narrative, they all reverberate the same major Democrat talking points verbatim.

Every cable news organization with the exception of FOX, devote a 24-hour news cycle advocating for Democrat policy, discrediting Donald Trump and his administration, while promoting special interest groups.

They make zero attempts to placate the viewers with small inconsequential pieces that credit Trump in order to validate their objectivity; they honestly attack him without mercy regardless of what the President does. This is not an exaggeration.

For anyone arriving late to the party, the “test for truth in journalism” protocol is this:

Commit to spending 24 hours to view a major news network, keep a pad and pen available and every time you hear or see that channel conveying something complimentary or favorable to Trump just make an X on the paper. After a long and monotonous 24 hours, your paper will have retained its virginal purity, completely blank and void of any marks. This is a fact.

CNN caught faking live missile attack

The well has been poisoned, it couldn’t have always been like this, but when did the media sell their soul?

The fact is that journalist may have never been objective; however, there might not have been a time when one ideology had such a monopoly on it.

Such a strong monopoly, that media hacks must routinely lie about their objective reporting. Investor’s Business Daily reports:

In 1971, Republicans made up 25.7% of all journalists. Democrats were 35.5%, and independents were 32.5%. Some 6.3% of responses were “other.”

By 2014, the year of the last survey, the share of journalists identifying as Republican had shrunk to 7.1%, an 18.6 percentage point drop. From having near-parity with the journalist Republicans in the 1970s, Democrats today outnumber Republicans today by four to one.

Investor’s Business Daily

What’s wrong with Democrat control of mass media?

There are a plethora of negative consequences when any party dictates the narrative to the mass media; this unfairly manipulates the public opinion.

However with publically know behemoths like CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS the Titanic dilemma arises with their erroneous claim to be objective. The ratings for these shows often never ascend from the bottom of the tank, but the networks are still very iconic within our culture

(below) NBC NEWS BIAS: Lester “the molester” Holt caught red handed

The American public cannot make healthy independent decisions believing that both sides are being represented and only one side gets supported. The public is mistakenly under the impression that a biased media is illegal and therefore unimaginable. 

Specific Examples (this only scratches the surface)

As I covered before, the crisis on the border is real and rapidly devolving into a cataclysmic affair. The media neglect to rightly label this a “crisis” has grave consequences.

  • Breaking and irreparably damaging the welfare system that is intended to aid American citizens.
  • Encouraging Central and South American parents to sell and use their children as a commodity for drug traffickers, sex slavery rings, and their own entry into the U.S.
  • The press has purposely failed to educate Americans to the dangers of losing their sovereignty, which they will if this continues.
  • Feeding America says that 1 in 8 American’s are currently dealing with hunger, by adding vagrant foreigners to the mix this figure will increase.

Other examples of a negligent press become apparent during interviews especially when the subject is a fellow sympathizer of the left. A leftist agitator can make outlandish statements and blatantly false accusations during an interview and never be challenged by the mainstream reporters.

Although, when the media engages with someone from the right they not only challenge every statement, they will often doctor an interview to portray their subject as if the wheels were coming off.

Media bias has definitely been dwarfed by a controlled media, which is what we have now. Although they are currently under the management of the Democrat party, this could change.

This is why every American should be contesting this Stalin like takeover of the mainstream media. I know that if the shoe was on the other foot, then most Republicans would tap into their integrity reserves and call the media out.

In the Beginning

In the early years of our Republic, the mass media consist of only small paper publications that were very partisan, the objectivity was achieved by having a duel and sometimes multiple sources with opposing ideological interest.

The Federalist would fiercely support political leaders like Washington and Adams while the Democratic-Republican press would passionately advocate for Jefferson or James Madison.


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