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Culture of Corruption: The F@$#ing Media and the Dirty Psychopath

Soleimani, your typical pedophile psychopath

It can’t be overstated; the Main-stream media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

Iranian General and a legendary bag of shit, Qassem Soleimani, was snuffed-out on Friday and it was a long time coming. Soleimani was responsible for the sadistic torture and violent death of thousands of innocent dirt-farmers in the Middle East, many of whom were defenseless peasants; however, it was the six hundred plus American lives that ultimately sealed his fate.

Instead of President Trump being celebrated for exterminating this silver-haired virus and after trillions of dollars wasted and decades of war resulting in over a million dead, the pompous Democrat elite is worried that Trump may have poked a hornet’s nest.

Trump had to pull the trigger, isn’t the death of over six hundred Americans worth it? If not, then what’s the number, seven hundred? One thousand? Ten thousand?  How many American lives would be acceptable before we capped dis fool? Had Trump simply looked away, like his globally owned predecessors Bush and Obama, then every American death occurring after Friday would have been blood on his hands.

It doesn’t matter how valid any of Trump’s efforts may actually be, Democrat sycophants in the media absolutely refuse to give him an ounce of credit. This is a shining example of media bias, it will have catastrophic repercussions by lending credibility to an unstable terror-state like Iran and embolden them to kill more Americans.