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Crazy Bernie: Comparing American Soldiers to Hitler.

During his 1972 gubernatorial run, Senator Bernie Sanders told high-school students that the U.S. had committed acts in its war with Vietnam that were “almost as bad as what Hitler did.”

The North Vietnamese “are not my enemy,” Sanders told a class of ninth-graders in Rutland while on the campaign trail. “They’re very, very poor people. Some of them don’t have shoes. They eat rice when they can get it. And they have been fighting for the freedom of their country for 25 years. They can hardly fight back.” — Zachary Evans National Review

Bell-bottomed Bernie Sanders from the Seventies is exposed, The Washington Free Beacon has dusted off some of crazy-Bernies vile anti-American rhetoric from 1972.  In an article for the Rutland Herald, Sanders horrifies high school freshmen in Vermont by stating that American soldiers were almost as bad as Hitler.

Many Americans in the early ’70s felt discouraged and angry over our failure in Vietnam and the senseless death of so many young American hero’s. Crazy Bernie felt that this was the opportune time to exploit our GI’s with some good old “anti-war” rhetoric.

The left & Crazy-Sanders describe Hitler as a blood-thirsty psychopath, intent upon brutally exterminating an entire race of people. Until that moment, Hitler stood alone as Lucifer incarnate and the evilest man to walk the Earth. How can a supposedly sane man, crazy-Bernie, compare our soldiers to Hitler?


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