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Courtney Stodden in Glock Russmans Corner

A shocking discovery of late left me saying “Hmm”. It wasn’t finding out a that fifty something year old semi-celeb married a sixteen year old girl, it was the fact that I had been previously oblivious to the news until a friend casually mentioned it in a recent conversation. Extenuating circumstance aside, a man creeping up on AARP territory received the blessing to enter into a sexual relationship with a girl who can’t even legally purchase a pack of cigarettes. The victims mom signed the consent for her baby, barely 16 years from exiting the womb, to marry this pervert.
I’m arriving very late to the party, but I am interested by the fact that this man, Doug Hutchinson, hasn’t been tarred and feathered by the media. In fact, in every interview that I am watching, this debauchery is almost portrayed as an American love story. Courtney claims to be an avid Christian and professes that she was a virgin until Doug deflowered her on their blissful wedding night, this in itself is disturbing. This young Christian woman didn’t suddenly arrive on this Earth at the ripe old age of 16 to quench some old mans thirst for a big breasted girls, who wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire when he was an adolescent. She brings with her a not so wholly past.
Courtney screamed full fledged Hooters girl years before she was signed over to Hutchinson. This is why his claim not to know she was 15 when he began to court her may actually be true. In what world does a 51 year old perpetual co-star have any business being romantically involved with a 16 year old girl. I have seen some of her earlier work, she is stunningly trampy and well below average in the talent department. Her husband also claims that it wasn’t about sex, they have so much in common; this blows any credibility he might have had out of the water. There is one reason he is with her, SEX, SEX, and more SEX.
Conspiracy Theory: Doug is obviously a homosexual, he displays overtly all the signs, he is very feminine, flamingly so. Courtney is a barely out of childhood and has reached her peak, both in talent and in looks. The mother, orchestrator of this circus, has only one shot at fortune and that is to get this act booked on a reality show and exploit her daughter until she wrings every penny from this puppy. Come on, even Courtney is not that stupid, when she is 27, Doug will be dead, no just kidding, he will be 61. In his prime he only measured up to a weird abstract serial killer in the looks category. He can’t be that charming. This is really a sexless business transaction and maybe that is why the outrage just isn’t there.
Glock Russman