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Although the shifty Democrat cabal is insisting that a technical error is to blame for their recent incompetence in Iowa failing to confirm a winner, there are more than a few rumblings that President Obama’s token bumbling white oaf might have landed in fourth place.

This would mean that Biden finished behind Mayor Cheeks Buttigieg and no respectable man wants to finish behind Mayor Cheeks.

The rumors of Biden’s lame placing aren’t too hard to imagine, his campaign has had all the “pop” of a wet firecracker, a fizzling wet cracker.

I knew Biden was in trouble when he refused to use President Trump’s recent phony impeachment as a springboard in the primary, Biden should have nitro’ed his lame primary campaign by claiming this:

President Trump is so threatened by me drilling him in the General Election, he risked impeachment to try and did up dirt to weaken my chances, he wasn’t that threatened by any of these other yokels in the Democrat Primary.

Biden wouldn’t touch this “campaign gold” because he knows his son, Hunter, is a rat and was as corrupt as Trump insisted, therefore making the investigation legitimate. Boom! The End                           

Trump is doing Gods work, Re-elect