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Congratulation’s: It’s an It

Congratulation’s Mr. Vanopolis you’re the lucky new father of a healthy baby IT! That’s great Doc, the wife and I have been trying for years, our higher power has really blessed us.

That was my all too vivid nightmare on Friday; I guess my appetite for disturbing content had ingested too many traumatic videos on You Tube earlier that evening. This transgender phenomenon is disturbing on many levels, there are too many concerning factors that just don’t hold up. Despite the elaborate liberal yarn-spinning in an attempt to create heartwarming stories depicting the sense of Universal correctness when a life is reassigned with surgery, it proves nothing more than a dubious fairy tale likeness.

A report that was conducted in the pro- liberal land of Sweden, extending thirty years, shows that a 10 to 15 year period following surgery that the transformed butterflies had become 20 times more likely to swan-dive than their peers.(kill themselves) They are a  confused portion of the population, .07 percent, suffering with the delusion that they are a different gender, in some cases they elect to have their sex organs removed and replaced to replicate their desired gender.

The frivolous logic supporting a sex change is not so sensible when applied to other vexing disorders. It’s not an issue of a person changing their identity to feel adjusted or legitimized; neither sex knows what the other sex feels like. A woman insisting that she was born a man has absolutely no idea what living as a male really feels like. Simply duct-tapping your breast, cutting your hair and wearing a flannel doesn’t make you a man. For that matter either does sewing on a penis or taking testosterone, these are just mere physical adjustments, which I find so ironic.

A woman will never appreciate the inherent indignation or dread that consumes a male when his manhood is challenged in front of his friends or his children. A women will never comprehend a real mans instinct to garner his dad’s approval or understand his admiration of a woman’s vulnerability and his need to protect her. A male’s penis and balls have accompanied him throughout the most prolific and potent years of his existence, age 4 to age 18. This is the precious time that solidifies a man and what he’s working with for the rest of his life, his post adolescent years will only add on to what is already there.

However, logic and common sense be dammed, the Democrats have a voting block to manipulate for the next half of century or so, until this star burns out, which might be soon. The validity of the transgender movement does not regress even as people realize that these are a legitimately ill fraction of society in need of help not exploitation, because the “getting help” ship has sailed. Will people realize that civilizations throughout history failed to incorporate these anomalies for a good reason?

Maybe the societal vandalism that arises while incorporating a transgender agenda might become Americans wake-up call; will we realize this has gone too far? California legislature specifically excluded “gender identity” from the states notice and opt-out requirements, meaning parents can’t opt-out of the mind bending social propaganda, this fails both parents and children, writes The National Review.

In Rockland Sacramento, a leftist FEMALE teacher (Is there any other kind?) decided it was her right to inundate the minds of Kindergarten students with her social beliefs. She had read from two children’s books, one of them titled “I am the jazz” depicting a Transgender kid named Jazz. The teacher, who the article failed to name, looked as if she might be “transitioning soon. Is it coincidence that all militant liberal chicks convinced of their qualifications to decide the beliefs our children should exercise throughout their adolescence have this a-sexual manly look to them?

The transgender America is having an adverse reaction amongst some feminist and the good news is that it won’t deviate from this direction anytime soon. I love a good cat fight. Also the Trans agenda will continue becoming a greater irritation to lesbians, in the lesbian camp there is already rumblings of dropping the “T” in LGBTQ.

In Conclusion

I hope that I was at least mildly persuasive in my argument that there are just too many opposing factors to accept the transgender movement as an emotionally healthy condition. At the very least, there is NO way that women can possibly understand the intricacies of being a man. Even if we exclude those two substantial observations, the structural damage inflicted on American society that occurs by validating transgenderism is real and is frightening. Bending over for these socially engineered issues is not an option, which is if we’re concerned for the integrity of our collective rectum.