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Condemned Killer VS Pedophite Creeper

Pedophiles have voluntarily abandon their place on this planet

The reasoning behind this bizarre showdown evolved from a very serious question, one in which Americans must lend their attention. Browsing through one of my regular sites,  I happened to catch an image of a sloppy maybe Mexican weirdo with one hell of a creepster smile.

(above apprehended pedophile)This frightening selfie should have been a dead give-away

Below his image was an article vividly describing unimaginable acts that this guy was involved in with underage children, he was caught by an undercover, thank God! Perhaps the most appalling detail was that this piece of shit directed a non-profit involved with rescuing children from sex-trafficking and abuse.

He would obviously use this network to expand his vile grooming apparatus and assault young children, his opportunities increased exponentially by taking advantage of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his young clientele.

I could only stomach a portion of the article, the details surrounding this degenerate and his reprehensible actions were too sickening,  deserving of the harshest form of justice.  

The undercover cop will provide recordings that capture this sub-human as he gleefully describes what he would like to do with her infant niece. At one point he details his frustration after an unsuccessful attempt to penetrate a pre-pubescent boy.

Whenever one of these child creeper’s surfaces in the 24-hour news cycle and becomes the subject of conversation, most men I know will propose some sadistic treatment which should be available for the offending slime-ball.

The disturbing nature of this most recent example should not be permitted to quietly melt back into the archives of history. Pedophiles should never take another free breath once apprehended and found guilty, at minimum these soulless creatures should wither in prison until they die.

Maybe they should be terminated.

Why should a stone-cold killer face capital punishment while sexual deviant’s pack on the pounds at a glorified day camp? The twisted acts that this creeper is accused of performing with toddlers and young children is not one-degree less horrifying, maybe it’s worse than murder.

Ironically, I am not very enthusiastic about snuffing out killers, it is not a deterrent. The death penalty will never reduce the murders occurring in the heat of the moment, someone who excels to that rage-filled state is consumed by passion, unable to comprehend a tomorrow.

The serial killer or sociopath cannot value life, even their own, thus rendering corporal punishment irrelevant.

However, I am 100% certain that if we begin executing sex perverts it will sharply reduce acting on this behavior. These anomalies are preoccupied with self-gratification, disregarding fellow humans for an opportunity to feel pleasure, even at the expense of others.

Child predators would most certainly fear the abrupt end to their existence, they neglect to consider another life outside of their own. They are too cowardly to risk their own mortality, maybe yours, but not their own.

How would we begin to pass legislation to get this ship off the ground, making pedo’s die for their crimes? Although I classify the sexual maniac better suited for the eternal dirt-nap than your typical murder, I don’t propose that a pervert who’s waiting to die to undergo sadistic torture. I would suggest that his execution be televised.

Can our elected officials be relied upon to implement this form of correction? Probably not, many of the political aristocracies have historically engaged in child sex trafficking, the Clinton’s are a dastardly good example. Good old Bill and Hillster have been providing children to their pals for decades now.


The cretin for which the base of this article refers to is Joel Davis, Executive Director of Youth To End Sexual Violence, his charges were related to child pornography and an attempt to arrange the rape of a nine-year-old as well as a two-year-old. Degenerates like this don’t belong on the planet, he has actually been recorded confessing to other disturbing crimes against under-age children.

Fatass Creeper

The full story and others can be viewed in their entirety at Disobedient Media. The actual link is: