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Concentration Kamps A.O.C style

Can A.O.C. really convince sober American's to believe her reckless statements?
What a F$%2ing Flake

Welcome to Auschwitz-Birkenau, the premiere epicenter for torture, death, and degradation, human cruelty is cutting edge and the best 1940 has to offer.

Was how the original ad read in the paper? Hold on, do you mean that people never voluntarily flocked to Auschwitz for the free gruel and bed lice? If Jews were aware of what awaited them I am positive that they would enter kicking and screaming.

Concentration camps like Auschwitz, Belzec, or Chelmno are also known as death camps or internment camps, but never as day camps. These horrific areas will forever be synonymous with humiliation and mortal violence.

AOC’s concentration camp
The 1940 concentration camp

Recently, anti-white congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that the hostile foreign invaders crossing our southern border were being placed in concentration camps.

Whether you believe in the holocaust or not is of no relevance to this article, the premise being pampered nit-wits like A.O.C. and Ilhan Omar equating detention centers at our border with Nazi death camps.

It’s so indicative of the Democrat party to co-sign lame excuses for the deviant agitators in any heated ordeal, it’s the parents/pimps accompanying these kids that should bear total culpability.

If these were white European’s using their kids for floatation devices to cross the river into America, then maggots like Julian Castro would be choking on their tampons.

Also, Cortez’s reference to concentration camps is a coded message against white people, obviously the left’s constant charge that Trump is a fascist ergo his constituents as well is covertly resonates throughout her message.

A.O.C.’s allusion to concentration camps existing on the border only magnifies the depth to which Democrats will crawl in their quest to capture every vote possible. Their constituents can’t be this stupid, they can’t possibly believe all these fantastic lies.

Politics has always been riddled with dirtbags, on the left and right, but this new breed of Democrat makes pervert turds like Anthony Weiner look like a lightweight.



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