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Christian Nation, subtle destruction

Art Thou King of the queers?” exclaims Pontius Pilate. What? No, not the Pilate from the scriptures that so many Christians hold so dear, but Terrance McNally’s Pilate from the twisted scripts of Corpus Christi, the homosexual mockery of Christ’s life. I must inquire, would McNally have the stones to portray Muhammad in such a blasphemous light?

In case your not clear, Corpus Christi, is a play which portrays a Jesus like figure and a gaggle of homosexual Apostles. Terrance McNally’s rendition of the crucification with a homosexual twist, is going to be shown at the Theater Within, at 1125 Spruce St Indianapolis, IN 46203-2055.

However outrageous this may seem, it pales in comparison to the methodical beating Christians allow their faith to be subjected to on a daily basis. Subtle destruction, the close bond between country and faith is being ripped away ever so gently, courtesy of the secular left. They purged prayer from public academia, removed it from the walls of Washington, and will not let up until God is an antiquated after thought from generations much less enlightened.

Terrance McNally’s, Corpus Christi, is revolting, but is it anymore unfortunate than less blatant blasphemes? This play, this man, should be subjected to fervent protest. If this play is allowed to go unchallenged, it will only further Christians tolerance for persecution. When Christians become too numb from assaults of the secular left, they will politely excuse themselves from this nations existence.


Adder Puff

Adder Puff