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Choose Your Poison, Then Die, Seriously

As a conservative, I guess, I find myself inclined to vote for Rick Perry, he seems to be advocating all the right things. In 1988 Rick Perry was a democrat, not just any democrat, but one that supported progressive Eco-freak Al Gore. Al Gore, a part of the disgusting anti-America apparatus, hell bent on extinguishing lives to grow gardens, that Al Gore. In 1989 Perry became a republican. How do you go from supporting a progressive lunatic like Al Gore’s bid for the Presidency to a republican? Can progressives shift to different sides of the isle? Yes they can.

As a republican Perry also supported Clinton’s health care plan, a very progressive endeavor. Then again he also supported tort reform to limit malpractice lawsuits and is an opponent of the income tax, markings of a republican?

Rick Perry doesn’t believe in term limits, the problem there can be summed up in three names, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and the late great Teddy Kennedy. In 2007 Rick Perry signed an executive order to perform forced vaccinations on teenage girls, simply because they were enrolled in government funded schools.

I like some of Romney, Bachmann, and Paul’s positions, some. I love Herman Cain (as a guy with ideas) On the other hand President Obama has been an utter failure and he’s got to go. I guess at the end of the day, to steal an expression from everyone, all of these candidates carry the symptoms of progressive poisoning. To me, it’s very hard to fathom that big business, special interest, and the military complex would ever cede power to anyone outside of the progressive scope.

It’s my opinion that since WW2 the elite wealthy ruling class, inspired by the Roosevelt Dictatorship, realized that they could manipulate and control elections from both sides of the isle. With lies, misinformation, murder, and money, rich greedy megalomaniacs discovered that they could pit the most conservative verses the most liberal, but what would it matter, they served the same master.

Since this time hundreds of millions have died, victims of our handlers. By this time America has gone global, the CIA, the KGB, NATO, have been propping dubious maniacal dictators around the globe and is responsible for the death of millions. It’s so pathetically clear, The United States put Gaddafi in power, then empowered Islamic fascist to overthrow his regime decades later.

It wasn’t that long ago when I stilled believed any given team could be victorious in sports on any given day. However, the first reality to hit me like a boot to the face, was Pro Wrestling, my grandfather always said it was scripted, he was right. Then it was the NBA, I was a big fan, I hardly noticed that teams just did enough to keep to ESPN highlights in business during the regular season. Later I would discover the NBA is operated by big money, advertisers, and criminals, the fix is executed by both the corrupt referees and particular players.

I‘m getting off point, American politics are rigged as well, we haven’t chosen a President since WW2. And for those of you Ron Paul fanatics, grow up. I don’t believe he has many character flaws and yes he’s flip flopped a few times, but all and all he’s probably a good man. The world Ron Paul lives in just doesn’t exist, he should be elected as Treasury Secretary and abolish the fed then abolish the Treasury Secretary. We desperately need to restore our Republic, which means litigation for rogue judges who refuse to abide by the constitution, create term limits for judges, state representatives, and other career politicians.

The American public must reign in our elected officials now; this by drastically reducing their salaries, making it illegal to profit from their service to our government while in office. We must create an atmosphere where becoming a politician is no longer a lottery ticket to power and wealth. Our best leaders were paid meagerly when they served, they often had to leave their families behind and welcomed exiting office. Current American President Barack Obama requires a salary of $400,000 annually, this excludes millions from best selling books, kick backs from special interest groups and Wall Street.

I, like all the other displaced patriots, will vote for Rick Perry, he is the poison I will choose. If and when we finally decide we’re not going to allow this charade to continue, we will be subjected to a police state. The progressive machine is too embedded and it’s two children will be our only choice. Child one, the democrat, servicing the worker, defender of the elderly, vanguard of the poor, blah blah blah. This is their shtick. The republican, purveyor of the rich, tax abolitionists, tree killers, yada yada yada.

It is a game, until conservatives seize total control of the republican and democrat parties, they will remain a progressive breeding ground. The war isn’t between democrats and republicans, the war is between Progressives and Conservatives. Until the American populace realizes this we will continue to choose our poison and die, seriously.