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Preserve Our European Heritage

Most Americans are familiar with China for producing just about everything that they purchase in Walmart, K-Mart, The Dollar store and so on. A majority of American’s cannot accurately surmise why just about everything that they buy is made in China, but the majority knows it. This article however is not about China’s forced labor, currency manipulation, lack of regulations; it is about our final and deadly adversary. We as a nation do not afford China much credit as a potent opposition of Western values and freedom. We still somewhat live with the antiquated perceptions of “ah-so ah-so” 
If Americans can’t understand that China is and always will be a tremendously formidable foe, it may be a fatal mistake. Although China and Russia have historically not been close allies they will and are currently working hand and hand to secure the demise of the USA. They may have very different ideals, but just as with most communist, fascist, and socialist they will join at the hip and sort things out later, when their goal is reached. We see this in revolutions throughout history, time and time again. One easy example to help you understand this is both China and Russia’s turmoil with their radical Muslim populations, more so Russia. They are not immune to Islamic terrorist and revolutionaries causing strife and their murderous agenda, however they support Iran and other radicals because it strategically opposes The United States.
We have been told if we don’t support free trade we are isolationist or somehow anti capitalist, mostly by the republican party. However the playing field is not level and our politicians know this. We as American citizens need to work through the stigma politicians have attached to “buying American”. We need to force our politicians to cease making it so hard for us to keep manufacturing within our borders, and to remove their boots from the necks of American exceptional-ism. 
In the next few decade China will own space, as our progressives have crushed NASA. This is not only sickening but very dangerous and contrary to our survival. Our politicians are cashing in on our lopsided relationship with China, they are selling us out and laughing about it, all the way to the bank. If we don’t hold our government accountable right now and reverse this disturbing trend we will be dominated and ultimately destroyed by China with the aid of Russia.