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Chelsea Handler: A super-racist and you won’t do jack sh*t!

50 cent repremanded

"You ain't black if you vote Trump, sucka...

On Tuesday super-racist Chelsea Handler reminded a black man of his place, in the Democrat world, and after initially demanding that he get his ass back in line, she offered up her dusty ole vagina as a further incentive.

Handler was sparked to reveal her true colors after ex-boy toy, 50 Cent, enjoyed a rare lucid moment and voiced his disdain with Biden’s massive tax increase. Although the Cent is not particularly or even remotely handsome, with his wealth and fame, he should be able to score much better than that hideous skank.

“Who the hell are all these white women’s telling blacks what to do?”

We’ve seen this several times before with Joe Biden and his, “You aint black…” and  “he’s gonna put yall back in chains…” bullshit when blacks get out of line, this is identical bigotry from Democrat activist Chelsea Handler.

The Democrats have manipulated black American’s for so long that they feel entitled to basically use the “N-word” in public and nobody has the balls to do jack-shit!

Democrats are so busy charging black Americans up with unfair this, and racist that, constantly regurgitating the fable of systemic racism and promising hand-outs, STOP!

Take a look at what’s unfolding in the real world, a black Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, is welcoming in the newest justice, a woman, Amy Cody Barrett, into the most prestigious court in the land. B.T.W. Dem’s hate the shit out of both of them.

How do blacks not see this?

Black Americans: Mindless Democrat tools?

Black American’s, shit blacks in almost every developed nation are the casualties, in real time, of an insidious plot meant to weaken and subordinate their entire race. In the United States, for instance, blacks started out on rather unfavorable footing, many were brought to this nation under barbaric circumstances and suffered through the inhumane and denigrating institution of slavery.

Upon the arrival of enslaved Africans, captured and sold to white Europeans by opportunist of similar dark skin, it was perfectly legal to operate using this type of forced labor. Decades prior to the first exploited African, misfortunate whites were primarily used for this brutal practice.

On January 31, 1865, Congress passed the 13th Amendment and abolished slavery, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Although slavery had been around since the inception of civilization, on that January day in the United States, no man, woman, or child, black or white, would be enslaved again. The black population was no longer condemned to be second-class citizens and found themselves established in the free world, part of the greatest country on Earth.

This didn’t mean that life was easy and like Catholics, Germans, Irish and many others, blacks would have to navigate through bigotry and unfairness, in their rise to the top. All they needed to do was follow the cue of other successful races or religions and for the most part they did. Determined blacks knew the value of a strong cohesive family and community, they were fervently Christian and strongly subscribed to the patriarchy.

So, what the f*ck happened?

In the nineteen sixties, Democrats officially “claimed” black Americans, if prison rules were applied, blacks would follow Dem’s with an index finger through the political belt-loop.

Essentially, blacks sold their collective soul for a package of magic beans and have been regressing abysmally, ever since.

The Democrat party originally began by preying upon these vulnerable Americans, that until then were paying their dues, while subsequently still feeling the effects of bigotry, mistrust, and ignorance. However, they were on their way.

Democrats had always had a disturbing relationship with black Americans, owning them, segregating them, lynching them, and mistreating them, they proudly gave birth to the infamous Ku Klux Klan!

In a complete 180, however, Democrats took on the role of nurturing advocates and solely qualified caretakers, attaching themselves to blacks like a hungry parasite.

Prior to the “Great Democrat Co-opt” of black America, post slavery generations were exhibiting progress, a gradual but natural occurrence. Here are some factual statistics that I discovered in an article on The American Thinker website:

Again, Sowell’s research shows that “the particular culture or ‘human capital’ available to a people has often had more influence on their economic level than their existing material wealth, natural resources, or individual geniuses.” Even factoring for economic differences and severe social disadvantages, examples of a vibrant black family institution in America’s are too numerous to ignore.

• In the 1890s, there were four public high schools in Washington D.C.; one black, the M Street School/Dunbar High School, and three white. In 1899, Dunbar averaged higher standardized test scores than students in two of the three white schools. From 1870 to 1955 Dunbar repeatedly equaled or exceeding performance on national standardized tests.

• As late as 1910 more than two-thirds of the black population of Chicago lived in neighborhoods where most residents were white.

• In 1950, 72 percent of all black men and 81 percent of black women had been married.

• Every census from 1890 to 1950 showed that black labor force participation rates were higher than those of whites.

• Prior to the 1960’s the unemployment rate for black 16 and 17-year olds was under 10 percent.

• Before 1960, the number of teenage pregnancies had been decreasing; both poverty and dependency were declining, and black income was rising in both absolute and relative terms to white income.

• In 1965, 76.4 percent of black children were born to married women.

Democrats convinced black’s that they could never legitimately participate in the American dream without the over-reaching intervention of the political left. Only these well-off white weenies were capable of saving them and slaying the blood-thirsty anti-black dragons that were fiercely patrolling the avenue to equality.

Who did blacks need to be saved from?

Conveniently enough, the ghoulish boogeymen, psychotically driven to unleash the plague of “unfairness” upon every non-white soul littered throughout the nation, just so happen to be the ideological adversaries of the Democrat party, Republicans.

Democrats have been selling this same, “You need us, you need handouts, you need our intervention…” trash since before the electric seventies, as Biden says, “C’mon man!”.


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