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Bush in Review (part One)

The President is winding down a turbulent eight year ride, on the bus, in front of the bus, and ultimately under the bus. President Bush has been a convenient punching bag and the butt of a joke that never grows old. The dust will settle and all the present Hollywood wienies will hang up their soap boxes and return to the comfort of their multi-million dollar mansions in Malibu. Retiring in safe comfort, afforded by the blood of the patriots they so viciously criticized. Their fate will eventually reside on the back of a DVD box in the $5.00 grab bin at Wal-Mart. President Bush, however, might finally receive the credit he deserves.

For the last sevens years, the United States has avoided a second dreadful terror attack on its shores. While cultural intellects, like John Cusack, eloquently express their disgust on morally hollowed out web boards like The Huffington post. From in front of his computer screen, and in between cinematic flops, Cusack hones his venom and distaste for Bush. One might wonder how Cusack’s rants would fare if he were sipping seven dollar lattes in down town Bagdad, ridiculing the local Shia’s for their belief in a twelfth Imam?

In the past year, we’ve seen terrorist extend their grip of violence and death, in places like Mumbai, where victims were mutilated and murdered. All in all, there has been over 10,000 terrorist attacks documented since 9/11. Yet as Bush exits the stage, we actually have the ignorance to question his methods of acquiring information from our killers pulled off the field of battle. Water-boarding? You mean its not a ride at Six Flags? No, when one mentions the W-word, liberals near and far, start to wag their tails and their ears perk up. If simulated drowning could have exposed the terror attacks that took 179 lives in Mumbai, would it be used?
Let’s ask ourselves, in the Bush Presidency, how many Mumbai’s have been avoided? How many road side bombings will President Bush receive credit for foiling? How many innocent children have been spared from bloodshed by Bush’s policies? These are the questions that should define Bush’s presidency.