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The beginning of the End

Politics has long-been a rancid cesspool, a fitting place for soulless beings who find it difficult to blend amongst the rest of God’s chosen creatures. Until fairly recently, partisan politicians had always been restrained from crossing what seemed to be an ethical line.

However, since the election of our 45th President, Democrats have feverishly conspired and campaigned to nullify Donald Trump’s democratically-elected Presidency.  Initially, the reason why Democrats had blatantly ignored this long-standing line was rather ambiguous, however, now, it couldn’t be clearer.

Democrat officials didn’t even feign an attempt to conceal their desperate bid to overthrow Donald Trump, brazenly lying and misinforming the public and thus breaching the threshold of no return.

How could a legitimate political party be so reckless? Impeaching the President, using fabricated evidence, unrestrained character attacks, endorsing rioting, looting, and mob justice, they have openly operated an on-going Anti-American coup.

Why weren’t the Democrats and the rest of the noxious establishment rank-n-file fearful of being exposed?


The Dem’s have knowingly participated in treasonous operations against President Trump with impunity, completely shielded from recrimination by a dirty and complicit press. Virtually every mainstream information source is implicit, refusing to address even the wildest of Democrat accusations and constantly defaming our President!

Millions of life-long and infant new Democrats are incognizant of this precarious development, distracted,  they revel in recent party victories. Sadly, they too will perish and their future generations will find no relief from stifling policies of an autocratic establishment state.

Should the media be prosecuted?

The dickless duo guilty of election interference

Many American’s feeling repulsed by the pathetic performance of the media, harken back to an age of objectivity and professionalism within journalism. This perception is often skewed and doesn’t quite mimic reality.

This is by-no-means an exoneration of the current industry, often compared to whale shit after considering the depths to which they will sink when force-feeding their sinister agenda. The media has actually had significant stretches of hyper-partisanism,  dating back to the 1800s, however, bias rhetoric and reporting came from both sides of the fence.

Today, a significant number of Americans are under the impression that the media, for the most part, are obligated to accurately report upon the moments most pressing events, with an objective eye. This is not only a naive assumption, but it is one that media hacks rely on and love to exploit.

The severe lack of integrity and one-sided reporting in the media is troubling, but something far worse is at play here and it’s an actual crime. As a political subsidiary of the radical left, our media is complicit in election interference and by default, aiding a coup to topple a sitting President.

By comparison, self-promoting tools like Chris Cuomo and Donny Lemon have influenced a vastly larger scale of voters than foreign agents could ever hope to affect. There is substantial evidence that most major reporting is congruent with the official Democrat agenda.

In several cases, the media has been documented airing Democrat talking points as legitimate news and repeating Democrat rhetoric, verbatim. It’s clearly evident that there’s at least some degree of coordination between party officials and high-ranking news executives.

The necessary discloser for the obvious relationship has not been made available and that would suggest a level of deceit and corruption, in both the media and Democrat party.