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Blood Beneath Thier Nails

Blood Beneath Thier Nails
Professors have devoted their entire existence to the study of the Middle East, it’s history, sempiternal struggle and absolute morbid splendor. So I preface this essay by acknowledging my admitted lack of credentials, both historical and intellectual. However, understanding this is critical to the importance of the following essay. I will also qualify myself by declaring that only recently have I taken the first step, which is admitting. I am Glock Russman and I am an addict, I am hopelessly addicted to the decades of propaganda that has consumed my world view. This sickness has dictated that a pro war hegemonic America is infallible. This hopeless dependency to pro-dope has forced a disabling psychosis, cross examining my patriotism at every turn.
I’ve regrettably negotiated through a lifetime of refuse, re-packaged by teachers, politicians, media, Hollywood and patriots. Believing that the governance our Founders so divinely constructed was guaranteed by God and absolute moral authority. Today I am convinced it takes far greater faith to except America as a liberator in the middle East, than it takes to swallow the most compelling conspiracy. Currently the two ruling parties plundering the US, are republicans and democrats. Although publicly opposed to one another, they are actually two factions of the same party. If like myself, you to arrived late for the party, and still believe the R’s and the D’s are diametrically opposed. Understand this artistic analogy.
republican                                                 Democrat
Both parties are                   progressive
Above the surface, with our conditioned sight, we see two separate trees. However, just below the landscape it becomes clear they are one.
The morbid reality remains, the Middle East isn’t broken at all, it operates as a finely tuned blood soaked apparatus, with which the West, pedophile princes of Saudi and Muslim despots can violate humanity. Our government (both parties) spill the blood of our soldiers, not to create a world where Habeeb can build and prosper, but to maintain their investments. Dictators such as Assad, Mubarak, and Gaddafi are commodities propped up by our CIA, only to meet their demise when their value is spent.
The war on terror has been manufactured and distributed upon the American public to justify the relentless raping of the Middle East. I am wicked pro-America, maybe to the Nationalist level, but this quasi conflict has zero American interest. Rather, war pigs like McCain,Obama, and Clinton, keep selling us a bogus moral objective, that we must commit our money and military to. Obama, the liberal, is assassinating sand dwellers at an alarming rate, with no end in sight. 

                                        With these mechanical birds of murder, Nobel Peace Prize winners can obliterate human flesh, right from the comfort of their homes.

The media savagely persecutes anyone projecting defiance toward the current administration, unless it’s orchestrated. Handsome killers, without a trace of humanity, these hawks of senseless destruction are kept clean and polished. The American public continues to follow the scripted drama. If only for an exercise, stop for one moment, question things.