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Blind Eye part one

The Olympics are unfolding in China, who’d have ever thought the communist would come so far, or have our expectations fallen so low? China deserves the Olympics as much as John Edwards does a halo. The Chinese government continues to persecute and destroy Christians in their country. We are constantly bombarded with empathetic protest surrounding the Tibetan Monks. Does America even recognize Chinese Christians?

China has either succeeded in covering up their human atrocities or we have become very proficient in turning the other way. I would say too much of both. The smog and the pollution are quite a convenient cover for injustice beyond the Olympic stage. If by chance, one were to elude the well placed snipers , and roam out into immediate Beijing, they would see that China had done some nice landscaping.

They plowed down the houses of the cities poor, then sent them packing. The ones they couldn’t move fast enough, probably the obese, got thrown behind a wall, to keep their unsuitable carcases hidden, no doubt.

Some of the unseen renovations have been to keep those unsightly Christians either locked up or expelled from the city. Christians are reduced to holding prayer in secret, often in someone’s house, if they can get away with it. Since China has also restricted foreign reporters, the slight chance of illuminating some of the Christians injustices has probably become quite faint.

Our country was founded by men with ardent Christian values and beliefs. Christian convictions so strong that they left their homeland to find freedom from the government’s molestation of their faith and its a corrupt church leaders. Yet, we feel it is much more trendy to protest for Tibet, than the suffering Christians. It is the Christians who have been arrested for giving aid to the earthquake victims.

Our nations support of the Olympics in China is a testament to just how misguided we’ve become. We live in the greatest nation on the planet, yet we sometimes act like spoiled
children. A great number of us are satisfied being uninformed, so let me show you something to wrap your brain around. China has over 90 million Christians,yet, I am quite sure there are less than 5 million people in Tibet.

I plead guilty to neglecting to do my part in protesting the host of the Olympics. I, as a Christian, did too little too late. I suggest that all Christians, including myself, do more to hold China responsible for their tyranny. Although China hasn’t seemed to have grown in it’s tolerance of humanity, Chinese Christians continue to increase in numbers, that speaks volumes about our faith, why can’t we do the same.


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