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Blame it on the Black Man?

If one were to recognize the bitter hatred formulating from Black America, one would clearly see the strings of the progressive movement.
Blame it on The Black Man?
In general, the people I have been conversing with agree, the bitter hatred and racism seething from the vocal black community is absolutely absurd and reckless. We all know by now that blacks are 7 times more likely to commit murder than any other race of people.Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites than white on black, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.On top of that, even stating these actual facts is offensive to some, what? This is a demonstration in how we have devolved as a nation.
In the wake of the Trayvon Martin incident the usual suspects are waving the banner of idiocy Al “ I’ve made millions off the black race” Sharpton, Jesse “Me too Al” Jackson, and the prime movers and shakers of self imposed oppression The Black Panthers. However what is brought to light, to the thinking man of all races, is the blatant attempt of both liberals and progressives to rally and stoke the fires for this circus of stupidity. The progressive agenda since the sixties or better has been to spark a race war and without responsible black Americans speaking up for themselves, something is going to catch fire.
Why are white Americans supposed to be ashamed when admitting that they would never, by choice, raise their kids in or next to a black neighborhood? What kind of sane person would ever do that? Sane black people wouldn’t do it! Forget the drugs, crime and violence for a minute, have you strolled through urban black America, it is a modern day Nazi death camp. Constructed by the very democrat party that they are forced to vote for election after election. It is a @!$&@!$ crime that children have to live this way, it’s barbaric, cruel, and self imposed!
Whole communities are restricted and forced to talk incoherent gibberish, why? Because they have been conditioned to believe that this is a black thing, black culture, black pride. Wealthy white elitist are laughing, they have adults talking like they have a second grade education and the elites love it, their winning. Is it possible to subversively direct a culture of people into economic and social slavery.
Black communities are a microcosm of progressive social engineering, installed from birth is a victim mentality, but by now logic tells us that poverty is not the problem.. The American tax payer has pumped billions of dollars into low income inner city projects and schools, yet life is miserable for many hard working black Americans. At least they have not conformed to “white society” at least they have black pride, fueled by black rage. The biggest deception is, conforming to traditional American values and being an individual means being subservient to “Whitey”. This is a lie perpetrated by black and white race baiters, a good number of them were at the Correspondents Dinner last night, paying homage to the President.
Every black American needs to be aware that the founders of this great nation intended every man to live as a sovereign person with liberty, unabated by a despotic government and evil aristocracies. This notion wasn’t for whites only; thinkers of the day believed that slavery would come to an end naturally. Although blacks cannot claim a monopoly on slavery, it was the culture of the day. The black slave trade thrived throughout Africa and the Indies, eventually being introduced to European society. The situation for free blacks in the North was dire and often no better than their enslaved brethren in the South.
Although slavery is a stain on America’s past, our country and the laws of the Republic ended it, no thanks to the democrats. However the tragedy of yesterday aids modern democrats subterfuge for 21stcentury slavery which is just as devastating as any other era. It is physical, economical, and social, with little children being raised as Marxist, believing that they owe their race and are bound by the greater good. Blacks are being chained to depression, poverty, amoral behavior, and relentless despair when they succumb to being wards of the state. They do this by subscribing to multiculturalism, some voluntarily some inadvertently.
Progressive politicization has made it so taboo to address this “African American” subculture, that even people of color who oppose it are vehemently attacked. Good patriotic black citizens who haven’t been disenfranchised by the racist elements of government are silenced for their beliefs. What is going on here? The wrong people are seething with discontent and indignation. The black culture in America has been blown to smithereens, fatherless families, failing education, murder, drugs, disrespect, and poverty have replaced conservative God fearing black American’s. Until people witness and uprising of admonishment, this is black America’s chosen culture.
It’s a frustrating dilemma, the victims don’t seem to be aware that there is a crime taking place. Their communities are being held hostage and with millions paid in ransom, the captives are not released but made slaves. Corrupt community leaders squander the tax payer money, blowing it on lavish lifestyles. Local communist preachers posing as Christian leaders, live on the fat from their indigent and hardworking congregation. Sharply dressed scumbags. The gluttonous elite democrats in Washington reap the greatest reward in this pyramid scheme commonly referred to as the ghetto .
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