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Black VS White: The politics of racism

During President Obama’s latest infomercial, an endless diatribe of over-inflated answers laden with the usual propaganda about healthcare, we witnessed the politics of racism. A softball question at the end of the night, with which the media and the citizenry were to be led on a diversion from the disastrous health care takeover, was thrown. When the president was asked about the recent event, in which a Harvard professor was arrested at his own home, the President ridiculed the Cambridge officers as being stupid, suggesting racial profiling.

Pertaining to the exact details surrounding the ordeal(
IE. The truth), Obama was fact ignorant; why let the truth get in the way when you can light a fire under the unconscious masses? After all, Obama knew the predominant factors: 1. The professor was a friend. 2. The professor was black. 3. The police officer was white. However, as more details were released, uncovering what an elitist, pompous, buffoon the professor was turning out to be, President O. was desperately trying to focus back on healthcare.

Arresting officer and potential idiot, James Crowley, was apparently justified in his detainment of the irate professor. After, responding to a break-in call, officer Crowley calmly requested the person inside the home ( Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr) show some I.D. The professor immediately accused the officer of not knowing who he was fooling with, which was probably what really insulted the Harvard intellect, the pain of not being noticed can drive an elite egomaniac to the brink. Gates continued his obnoxious rant as officer Crowley confirmed that he was indeed the homes occupant; by this time other officers had arrived, along with a number of passer by’s. Gates followed Crowley outside and was warned to calm down because he was bordering on being disorderly. After referencing the officers mother, along with other belligerent accusations the Harvard professor was arrested..

President Obama was not armed with all the details of this arrest and obviously assumed playing the race card was going to throw his political base a little red meat and charge them up, he didn’t seem to expect the political blow back. So earlier today, under much pressure, Obama tried once again to maneuver his way out of this mess without an actual apology. For a man who frequently claims to be against “politics as usual” he seems to be a usual suspect.

One must wonder, what if Crowley had stumbled onto an actual crime in progress(besides the crime of ignorance). What if Crowley had crumbled under the accusations of racism, and in fact left a perpetrator at the scene of the crime, just to avoid being erroneously labeled a racist. What if Crowley was so concerned about his career and his potential reputation, he left a criminal in the house, to avoid exactly what ended up happening. What if when left alone the criminal proceeded to pillage the residence from it goods, and Mr Gates came home to an empty house? I think we can safely say that the Cambridge Police Department could expect an enormous lawsuit followed up by endless scrutiny about why they neglected to protect the house of a prominent black man.

Perhaps the most revolting insult was the Presidents weak apology “Because this has been ratcheting up and I obviously helped to contribute ratcheting it up, I wanted to make clear in my choice of words I think I unfortunately gave an impression that I was maligning the Cambridge Police Department or Sgt. Crowley specifically,” Obama said. “And I could have calibrated those words differently.” Then he chalked it all up to the fact that African Americans are still very sensitive about these issues. He obviously believes that we are all “STUPID”, he continues to make this a racial indecent, when in fact it was just one of his arrogant friends who apparently decided to make some really unfortunate choices.

The President is playing the politics of division, because it is so easy to do, so very tempting. Liberals walk around with that “ace up their sleeve” because it always works, when will we smarten up? It is a disgrace, it is regretful, and disgusting, but it is also convenient and its PROVEN. In her recent article titled “When color trumps Christianity” Star Parker begs the question, how can blacks allow race to come before principles, yet overwhelmingly African American Christians voted for Obama, a man who doesn’t bat an eye over a late term pre-born, being extracted from the womb with a knife and a vacuum.

Have African Americans have been so maligned and persecuted in this country, that race predators, like the President and his liberal ilk, can come before belief in God? Star Parker, an African American woman, and other conservative people of color, continue to elude mainstream coverage. Whenever we hear of alleged racial incidents, like the one in Cambridge, why is it that the state run media, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN always corresponds with left wing activist like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as their official voice from the African American community.


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