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NFL wide receiver, Josh Bellamy, who was recently cut loose from the Jets, was charged with fraudulently obtaining and spending money allocated for COVID19 relief.

It seems that Bellamy was only flexing his black privilege and purchasing essential goods at Gucci and Dior, some expensive jewelry which he probably needed to complete an outfit or complement his $1500.00 Nikes.

The former Jets receiver is on the hook for 24 million, money that was squeezed from hard-working taxpayers and designed to assist American’s whose lives have been turned upside down by COVID.

Forbes reports:

Bellamy was charged with wire fraud and bank fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud in a federal criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of Florida.

Bellamy is accused of working with 10 named co-conspirators to submit at least 90 fraudulent loan applicants in exchange for kickbacks.

Many of the loan applications were approved and funded by financial institutions, which paid out at least $17.4 million.

Bellamy is accused of fraudulently obtaining a $1.25 million PPP loan for his reportedly inactive company Drip Entertainment and spending more than $104,000 on jewelry and luxury goods and $62,774 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Bellamy’s phone call conversation with an undercover agent posing as a co-conspirator confirmed he knowingly participated in a fraud, according to the complaint.

Bellamy’s attorney Diego Weiner told the New York Times he hopes the public will give Bellamy “the benefit of the doubt” adding, “all too often professional athletes are taken advantage of by people purportedly acting on their behalf as agents or advisers.”

On its face, this report may paint Mr. Bellamy as a spoiled, wealthy NFL star that’s apathetic about struggling American’s forced to grind it out in the real world, perhaps.

However, I have it on good authority that once they discover Bellamy still has points on his black privilege card, things will be swiftly dumped down the old memory hole.

Visa’s new Black Privilege Card:

Unseat whites at busy fine-dining establishments, Edge out a more-qualified white job prospect, Full college scholarships, cash advance reparations and More

It’s likely that the NFL star was merely waiting for his last million-dollar paycheck to clear and needed a new “dope” outfit for a party or something.

Zeaga Walltrip

Zeaga Walltrip (Ngochoria)

Zeaga came on board in 2012 as a free-lance journalist, after surviving a real rough patch. Forced to work as a high-priced escort, on the fast-paced streets of Serbia, Zeaga is now our Sr. investigative reporter.


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