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Black Privilege: The Antonio Brown Saga

Antonio Brown is the embodiment of black privilege,  enjoying a level of impunity that can seldom be enjoyed by our fellow white countrymen, even the obnoxiously wealthy ones.

After his most recent hearing, in criminal court, Brown marched straight into his 350,000 dollar Lambo, which costs over 7 times more than the average American family makes per year and cranked up salacious urban rap to inappropriate volumes, sitting there for 15 minutes.

Three Stikes he’s out, One Strike if he were White

Pittsburg Steelers            Number One

Antonio’s public unraveling began when his tumultuous relationship in Pittsburgh started dominating sports highlight reels and social media. Brown had feverishly forced his way out of Pittsburgh, the team that had taken a chance on drafting the 6th round receiver and invested their knowledge  & money to transform him into a formidable wideout.

Las Vegas Raiders            Number Two

The Los Vegas Raiders Head Coach, Jon Gruden, salivated over the prospect of massively overpaying  an All-Pro head-case to come in and legitimize his lame roster of “never were’s”

 The Raiders would shell out 30 million guaranteed to attain Brown’s services.

Almost immediately after landing, the social media diva and ball catcher was a handful, arriving in Los Vegas he unloaded a shit-ton of baggage and I don’t mean his luggage.

Brown who’s black, bitched about the league’s new helmet rule and although future hall of fame players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers, who are white, traded in their old helmets for the league’s upgraded ones, it almost took physical force for Brown to release his old helmet.

Mere days had past and Brown would refuse to participate in the Raiders practice, he had attempted a session of cryotherapy and suffered frost burns on the pads of his feet. Most men would be horribly embarrassed if they had done something so retarded, but not Brown, his sense of entitlement knows no boundary.

The Raiders were almost held hostage by guaranteeing him so much money and Brown certainly had them naked and bent over a barrel. Then Karma prevailed, just days before the season opener, Brown threatened General Manager Mike Mayock with physical violence and then he committed the unthinkable, he called Mayock a “fucking cracker”

 Mayock who is white didn’t meet the requirements of a “hate-crime” victim, why? Because he’s white. However, by threatening a coach, even if that coach is only white, the disturbed wide receiver had breached his contract and lost the 30 mill.

Brown forced the Raiders to set him free, coincidentally the World Champion New England Patriots had an empty locker with Brown’s name on it.

Patriots                                  Number Three

After just one game in a Patriots uniform, Brown would finally be unceremoniously cut, given the boot, don’t let the door hit ya, goodbye.

In his short tenor with New Englan d, Brown defied managements seemingly-easy directive, Don’t Have Contact with the Victim in your criminal court case, most likely one of the chicks Brown molested.

Acting as an uncontrollable toddler, Brown couldn’t summon the discipline needed to adhere to management’s wishes. One night after a team meeting, Brown’s frantic fingers pounded out threatening and degrading texts to the female VICTIM of his crime.

Three strikes, you’re outta there

Currently, Brown is under investigation by the NFL and despite his ongoing legal issues in the courts, Brown set some time aside to threaten and assault a man which he had employed.

If Brown were white, he would have not been given such a blatant pass on his racist remarks and actions.

Below looks very much like a drug-induced tirade, unleashed upon his baby mamma and some overly patient police. If Brown was white, he would be beaten and brought into custody, however, using “black privilege” Brown evades any accountability.