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Black Privilege: Myles Garrett

A most dangerous word

Black privilege: Myles Garrett

Usually at this point in the game, when the final conclusion has been determined, the victors, in this case, the Browns, will usually go through the motions and simply protect their lead.

270lb D.E. Myles Garrett is clearly overly aggressive when tackling a much smaller Mason Rudolph, although the game is all but over and Garrett’s team is comfortably winning, he still violently takes Rudolph to the turf.

As the quarterback is wrestled to the battlefields green floor, scuffling from both players ensues, however, Garrett ups the anti and rips Mason Rudolph’s helmet off, delivering what could have been a death blow to the players unprotected melon.

As the shock dissipates, the realization that Garrett, who is black, has swung a 6-pound hard-plastic helmet and connected with the bare skull of Mason Rudolph, who is white.

The troops find it difficult to rally around the minority football player without some kind of rational excuse.

Most of the black and PC sports pundits awkwardly fail to excuse this heinous attack, leaving Myles Garrett to answer for himself.

More than one week had passed before Garrett would conveniently play his black privilege card, claiming that Mason Rudolph called him a nigger. The N-word, the great equalizer, no wonder Garrett was forced to try and decapitate the young Steelers QB, turns out Mason Rudolph is just another white racist or does it?

Although none of the players or referee’s heard the racial slur, the mere power of a black man suggesting that some punk whitey may have uttered it certainly gives the accusation significant weight.

A visible weight too, unjustly applied to Mason Rudolph, an unproven accusation that will follow the young QB until Myles Garrett grows his balls back and excepts the consequences like a man.

Could this be a classic case of he said/she said?

Hell no,  the truth is evident.

As a man of the West, uninhibited by irrational emotions, I suggest that we look to the facts that we do know, reviewing the actual evidence will render the appropriate conclusion, it’s mere child’s play.

This is why Myles Garrett is a shameless liar

One fact that substantially weakens Garrett’s argument is his inability to express the “game-changing” racial slur for over a week. If Garrett’s blind rage and violent reaction were in response to Mason Rudolph’s insensitive verbiage, then why did Garrett fail to mention it initially?

The reasons that Garrett would have mentioned the slur immediately-

Garrett knew straight away that he fucked up, people needed answers, this was a new level of violence and sponsors needed confirmation that Myles Garrett was not a disturbed psychopath. Informing people that he was called the dreaded N-word would have most certainly given him an initial reprieve from the anger and ire of millions of football fans.

He would want everyone to know why he so “uncharacteristically” exploded and this would elicit a ridiculous level of compassion and understanding.

Also, his behavior clearly shows a man who’s controlled by his emotions, keeping the slur to himself isn’t consistent with his overwhelming rage.

Verdict: Myles Garrett is a lying piece of shit