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Black Metal Documentary

Black Metal is pure energy it's hairmetal on steroids x 5
  • I grew up on 80s Hair Metal, naturally transitioning into the stylings of Grunge, which had definitely opened my ears to a diverse array of guitar driven music, for that I am thankful. However, my listening tendencies always brought me back to the simple ballsy power of 80s Metal, languishing for an upgrade in the software, a Metal 2.0 if you will.
Black Metal

  • If you’re new to Black Metal, like I am, it may take a little time to acquire a deep appreciation, for me it took 9 days. Rather quickly it became apparent that this musical genre didn’t involve anyone wearing their pants around their ankles.

I found it in a genre referred to as black Metal, I initially began listening to Death Metal, but settled into the closely related Black version and I’ve never been happier. I certainly stumbled over the whole “Satan” thing, but this was brief and I can appreciate all the other aspects of Black Metal.

It’s energy, aggressive, cogent, commanding, alpha and thunderous iron balls.

Also I believe that Black Metal is the modern extension of Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach.