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Bill Clinton: American Psychopath

Bill Clinton & his crime machine

William Jefferson Blythe 3rd aka William Jefferson Clinton was born in 1946, he would obtain many impressive accomplishments throughout his storied life. Perhaps most substantial was serving as Arkansas Governor and 42nd President of the United States.

Many American’s fail to entertain or recognize that such an accomplished man could actually be even more of an accomplished criminal. There is irrefutable evidence and an encyclopedia of disturbing accusations that have attached themselves to Clinton, yet a copious amount of Americans still find an evil version of Clinton to be inconceivable.

Applying a moderate amount of research into this aging baby boomer will reveal a pernicious and formidable predator that has wielded his authority to ruin and complete many lives.

An adept and professional deviant who makes chumps that commit manslaughter or rape look like complete amateurs, however, Bill could not have ascended to such lofty heights without his co-conspirator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Ghastly images of the pair’s college years together are captured on grainy film, revealing a nerdy lesbo with wiry chestnut brown hair and giant round spectacles alongside a baby faced Bill Clinton.

These formative years were vital for maintaining a well-oiled mechanism which could propel the team’s tenacious machine to the top. Bill’s Achilles heel was his addiction to skirt-chasing, but as long as he left some for Hillary, all was copasetic.

 Any relationship built on love would be too volatile to succeed in the cold & ruthless world that the Clintons thirsted to dominate, conveniently for them theirs was built on a mutual taste for chewing up the weak.

(Below) The cocaine cowboy of Arkansas

Abuses of power, although severe and abundant, wouldn’t be the only treacherous imputation to accompany the Clinton crime machine from Arkansas to Pennsylvania Ave; they were steadily shadowed by the now-infamous “Clinton body count”.

In 1995 President Clinton was having sex with his 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinski. In a stunning anomaly, it wasn’t necessary to violently rape her or to ply her with candy; she was just a chunky whore with a fetish for people in power.

However, like a festering wound, the affair could not go unnoticed, in January of 1998 American citizens would hear the now-iconic phrase “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”.

The most unnerving aspect in this political soap drama wasn’t that a sitting President had reduced himself to the temptations of a mortal man, in fact, it was the sincere stare of a man conjuring up his most authentic visage of sincerity and it was a flat out lie.

Clinton pulled out the old shake my finger and throws a serious squint, routine.

Immediately following this story is a video that shines a light on many of Clinton’s malevolent performances, perhaps the most depraved is Bill’s involvement in human trafficking and pedophilia.

The circus surrounding the demented Jewish baby raper, Jeffery Epstein, has illuminated more of Clinton’s vile transgressions. It is a recorded fact that Bill accompanied Epstein at least 26 times on the private pedophile jet. It is verified that several of those trips included underage minors. How many of these children were physically forced to perform sexual acts on that plane?

Jeff throw 5 bucks in the tank, let’s get some tail!

Clinton’s friend Epstein strong-armed many underage children from broken homes and failing countries, he then passed them around to have sex with many powerful dirty old reprobates, like Alan Dershowitz and Bill Clinton.

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