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Beto the Bulls@!# Tornado

Beto "Robert Francis" O'Rourkenstien

This recent Democrat primary has been quite a revealing production; I’ve seen more convincing storylines in the sappy soap opera World of Wrestling Entertainment.

Every last candidate is an absolute fraud who couldn’t possibly believe the majority of the trash that their mouths routinely fire out. They couldn’t have such cerebral retardation and been able to survive till now without electrocuting themselves or others in a household mishap. It’s truly impossible.

After watching Beto capitalize on the latest round of whole-sale slaughter in El Paso I was perplexed, I seriously question the mental stability of anyone who would be swayed by his fakery & aversion to the truth.

“Dad, if you run for president, I’m going to cry all day,” he says.

Beto’s son Henry- Henry your not alone AV