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Did AMI do the right thing by canceling Mr. Olympia's check?

Shawn Rhoden, the current Mr. Olympia, and accused rapist have been recently banned from competing in the upcoming 2019 Olympia and defending his title.

Pre-alleged rape days of glory

Although Rhoden hasn’t been convicted yet, American Media CEO David Pecker announced on Friday that he revoked Rhoden’s 2019 eligibility. The decision to remove the disgraced bodybuilder and alleged rapist from all things Olympia was strategically necessary.

Pecker and other executives are obviously striving to keep the sport free from any criminal entanglements and the media hype surrounding bad characters.

On its face, things seem cut and dry, even elementary until scalawags like Marc Lobliner begin to beat on the drums of racism. Lobliner, a modern-day snake oil salesman that claims to be the CEO of Tiger Fitness has accused the Olympia organization of flagrant racism.

It’s a damm shame poeple like this sew the seeds of dissention

I have followed the Olympia for over seven years and frequently research the interesting history of this bodybuilding sport; it’s more than steroids and meat-heads.

I can write about the nuances of the sport as well as the extreme discipline that’s involved on another day.

In no way do I believe that diversity, in the pop culture sense, is a strength; however I will say that I have not seen a more diverse and accepting sport than bodybuilding.

The Olympia in particularly is a completion where non-white men have flourished and even dominated with zero overt bias or bigotry. When attention-starved egomaniacal men like Lobliner begin virtue signaling in an attempt to remain relevant, it hurts everyone.

It would be a real shame to infect a sport that rewards individual greatness on a fair and objective basis with false accusations of racism.  Visit this website now