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Barack: The Destroyer

Barack the Destroyer (The unfiltered, unedited, raw version)

“Whom so ever shall read this post, does so by ones own will. It is my, the authors, unalienable right, afforded by my countries constitution, to practice free speech. This posting must not be misconstrued. It is merely the concerned voice an average American who believes the Republic has been seized. The occupier’s, the currant democrat party, must be non-violently extracted from their lofty corrupt perches. The democrat party has been hijacked by radical liberals, who no matter the cost, choose ideology over humanity. The window for this action is narrow, and rapidly shrinking.”

In 1776, the stage was set, the participants were more than eager to shine, for they knew every uttered word, movement, chapter, and act would be eternally referred to and looked upon as a pivotal event in the birth of a new nation. They seemed to have accepted their script from God himself. Some were relegated to play supporting roles, through the trappings of history that is, then there were others like Thomas Jefferson, who seemed more than punctual in appearing at the right place at the right time, thus securing his glorious and romanticized importance in our countries construction.

Then there were men like John Adams, who remained destined to play second fiddle to elegant politicians like Jefferson.. Adams was a fire cracker who refused to play partisan politics, therefor only with a scrutinizing eye will one become aware just how important Adams contribution was to the securing of this great land.

Adams and Jefferson were the perfect example of unwavering patriotism, much like the other founders, any other desire less than freedom was treasonous. Adams served as President, while Thomas Jefferson waited in the wings as Vice President. The two men were night and day when it came to governing the infant nation, but both acknowledged this was a very fragile proposition. These fledgling immortals fought each other with the same passion that they fought for our independence, but the bond of American patriotism ultimately brought them together. The politics of the day was very cut throat, but both shaping parties shared the same virtues with which this country became the greatest nation the Earth has ever seen. Although our founders had varying directions for the country, they’re principles had to be the same for this nation to succeed.

1.They believed that we needed to be a nation of laws, ruled by the people, for the people.
2.They knew with out the divine hand of God and unwavering moral fabric, the nation would fail.
3.They new it was imperative to be a sovereign nation, with limited federal interference, leaving the states free to be different and strive to be the best they could be. Back then if a state chose bad leader’s or unjustly hiked up taxes, the citizenry could migrate to another more prosperous one, leaving their original state forced to make a change or cease to exist.
4.The founders based everything on God, country, freedom, and the ability to succeed without a corrupt government binding your hands.

It is a historical fact that our founders created the blueprint for a masterpiece, if Thomas Jefferson or John Adam’s were suddenly resurrected, they would think that we were invaded by tyrants much worse than the English dogs of the day. The problem is this resurrection will never happen. Thanks to the liberal agenda close to 50% of the population has been programmed to be oblivious to this nations need for freedom from a bloated government in order to exist. The further we retreat from the founding principles the further we succumb to destruction.

President Obama is leading the last charge to extinguish what used to be America, he and his progressive hell-hounds are feeding the traditional democrats to the irate masses of awakening Americans. In the final Phases of what started a hundred years ago, progressive’s shed no tears when feeding their expendable democrat lemmings to the ocean. President Obama is the destroyer! The unwitting African American community is being consumed by massive unemployment at an alarming rate (by design); while the big grip of government is stroking their heads with one hand and mainlining the juice in their necks with the other “ Shh, don’t worry, go back to sleep”

In the early day’s of the revolution, the founder’s wrestled with having an available military force because with the war won the threat to America’s sovereignty was confined within it’s shore’s, traitors to the constitution. Today however, we are at war with radical Islam, while the traitors to the constitution steer this country into the rocks assuring our destruction. This only affirms that we need a strong military presence, yet team Obama is cutting up our military might like Swiss cheese.

President Obama the destroyer, is systematically committing genocide to our middle class, through the continuation of social-engineering, numbing tax burdens, and class warfare. Our children are being raised by the government as the schools mass produce godless fat little anti Americans with ADD and ADHD, who believe they are citizens of the world. The President’s regime is also snubbing allies, kowtowing to enemies, bribing cohorts for support, and foolishly wasting American taxpayer money; in their final best effort to break us.

The society that the destroyer and his regime have procured is repugnant. They make it impossible for the poor to succeed. If by chance someone has survived our Marxist academic mind melt and has not been jaded by the allure and false idolatry of the pop culture, the government has made it virtually impossible for them to live the “REAL” American dream. Impossible to build a business, create wealth, or earn a living in a country that is not bogged down by regulations and red tape. A country where in order to succeed you won’t have to grease the wheel with stature, lies, or bribes. I can’t just go out and start a business, but the government can hire mutants for every unnecessary position they can conceive, and give them cradle to grave premium health care, benefits, and salary increases.

If you were to put a light-bulb in your home, it would cost 65 cents; if the government does it, they must pay the zoning regulator, hire a quasi research and development energy staff, provide liability insurance, and pay for a focus group to determine if the wattage of the bulb might have an offensive effect on any of the citizenry. That will be 50 million dollars please. The destroyer wants as many of us suckling from the teet as long as possible, but with just enough milk to get by. They are in bed with the big Pharmaceutical companies as well. They pump our low income kids full of hormones, poisons, processed and refine junk, then reap the benefits from the overweight little maladjusted and socially retarded hapless dopes; who in turn grow to be bigger versions of the prior. In kind, overpaid no nothing, flower and rainbow social workers and other state leaches fill them full of medications and pseudo psychotherapy, hence the Obama follower. (This is a story within itself)

The destroyer has legions of followers, but multi-cultural their not. Oh yes they may vary in gender, race, income, but trust me, they are of the same culture. This is a breed known as the anti American culture, please don’t get that confused with America haters, their a different species entirely. These followers are the millions of irretrievable zombies who have no idea of the American “kick butt, and get out of my way” rugged individualism that our founders fought so hard for and that our patriots fight so hard to keep. They are the self loathing masses, spewing their programmed rhetoric, they debate with emotional impulse over logic.

Barack Obama the destroyer, is just the face on the machine. The machine must be stopped. We must purify the republican party, it is our only hope. This is the time for patriots to leave their egos at the door. Libertarians, Independents, Social and fiscal conservatives, and especially every God fearing follower of Christ, must flood this republican party and weed out the Anti-American elites (the progressives). We can be a party of Jews, Christians, Mormons, black, white, or what ever. Our politics do not have to be the same, just our fundamental ideals. A strong moral fabric, limited federal government, zero corruption, and the founding principles. The word progressive must be of the same poison that the word communist was. The progressive party, of which the destroyer is puppeteering in front of, is an tyrannical oligarchy that will kill us, beat us, and bash us until we submit and relinquish our freedom.

Join the revolution Now! Stop by and read some of the hundreds of archives I’ve written and learn the truth, it is imperative, we cannot take our foot off the gas, because theirs in on our necks. Don’t forget to write me, and tell me how what your doing to save America. God Bless and Keep you

News Flash: The network where I have been submitting all my post, ning, has banned me from posting by not allowing me to log in on any of the hundreds of sites, even the one I created!! It is called Christian revolution. Hundred of conservative have done their social net working there. We are losing our freedom.


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