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Barack, Step in my office… YOUR FIRED!

I recently hired a new employee, actually my organization is so enormous the majority of “bosses” were required to agree with my decision. Our business is one of the most lucrative in the world. We were built on a simple and bold philosophy over 200 years ago and we’ve maintained a production level and work ethic that is the envy of the Globe. When we hired this employee, he came highly recommended, he attended all the appropriate academic institutions. Although he was very inexperienced we believed we needed a “fresh” and “bold” new start. For many of my fellow owners he seemed to be the only available prospect who could lead us to salvation.
You see for as long as we have been in existence, we’ve found ourselves perpetually warding off hostile take overs. There has always been an evil entity that has conspired dismantle what we labored so hard to create. Most readers would agree in this dog eat dog world an aggressive adversary is an inevitable prospect, there’s always some other organization that’s hungry to be on top. Unfortunately for us however, it hasn’t been the threat of a foreign entity jockeying to take us over that has jeopardized our very existence, it has been the mutiny from within.
Take this new employee for example, we hired him with the intention that he would lead us to great prosperity, economically and otherwise. All we ask is that he follow the blue print designed hundreds of years ago, a proven formula, unique in it’s existence and when implemented correctly, a great catalyst for success. We call it a constitution, I think by now you know where I am going with this. (Obama is your employee)
I few weeks ago I caught the evening news cycle, only to see Barney Frank on the the uncomfortable end of a very relevant question. Now instead of answering this reporter, Frank immediately questioned who this man was working for, an implied it was some “right wing” faction of the media. I was livid! To say the least. Of course the reporter cowardly let Frank further ramble on in his typical slithery fashion. Barney Frank! Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Schumer, Biden, you work for me! How dare you perpetuate this travesty and bureaucracy that has become the American government. In the past progressives, similar to the snakes who rule the roost now, did their bidding in the dark under the guise of a new patriotism. Today these rats could care less what we the people desire.
Our employee’s continue to reach into the register and pull out cash as they deem necessary. Barack Obama is not royalty, he is not an idol, and more importantly he is not a God. I know that that last realization will curdle the milk for a few die hard anti American liberals, but it is true. How ironic, the poor slob who barely gets by, pays for these pompous parasites to jet set from coast to coast and shelter their children in the finest schools.
This is no longer acceptable, that the very people who we pay, OUR EMPLOYEE’S, have become disgruntled. These workers have meticulously engineered a hostile take over of our country. Ten years ago, if we were to wake up and be told a Marxist regime has overthrown our government and has taken control of all the major sources of Intel (the American media on all major mediums) our initial reaction would be utter shock. Yet, our President is a socialist and his administration is a rotten potpourri of Marxist, communist and anarchist, and we are virtually silent.
If the only resistance to this abomination and hostile overthrow of our constitution is the tea party people (even though they are great) we have lost. There used to be a time when it was acceptable for a person to say. “I am just not that in to politics.” Today, however, when someone say’s that it means, “ Either I am too stupid or too ignorant to care that America is being torn apart by domestic terrorist (the democrat party). You and your children mean nothing to me. I am happy with my self preservation, my play-station, and it’s nothing a few beer’s won’t change perspective on.”
People, Barack Obama and his cronies hate America as we believe it was, I promise you this. The motion for this hostile takeover has been set long ago, but we are coming into the final days of America’s demise and these are the players who will take credit, unless we stop them. Just as our founding father’s knew the stage on which they played would forever be looked upon as a pivotal contribution unto this nations history, the treasonous terrorist of today do as well.

We are paying our employees to:

1.Cut the military budget and weaken our defenses as if becoming militarily impotent would encourage the world to bow and throw roses at our feet.
2.They are baiting the races for political gain.
3.They are re-writing our history books to further program and poison our youth.
4.Steal tax payer money to by the votes from legislators!
5.Lying right to our face and saying “no your wrong” and there is nothing you can do about it.
6.Abort long standing ties with our close ally Israel, and kowtow to Muslim extremist, as if that will discourage one single terrorist from giving their very life for our demise.

I have been dealing with some personal event’s in my life and writing has had to take a back seat. I am now committed to putting it on the front burner, I am more than ever emphatic about exposing how very far we as a nation have derailed. The republic is under attack. In the revolutionary days, the press was eager to expose the devious snakes and traitors of the day. Now they are bought and paid for by the democrat party, this is unprecedented! Our watchdogs, feeding from an unconstitutional ideology.