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Any Joe Shmoe can get a tattoo now, wasn't it illegal to get ink if you were a dweeb?

Before the early nineties, anyone sporting a tattoo definitely had their “rebel” credibility exponentially enhanced. Whether it was of a skull or a battleship, tattoos certainly garnered a cultural stigma with both mystery and badassery.

Somewhere between then and now, tattoos have drastically lost their mystique; any nerd with enough cash can be seen sporting a full sleeve of nastiness. In the age when hair bands ruled the plains (the 80’s), landing a tattooed woman usually meant that you’d be returning home with company. In those days it wasn’t uncommon to see women with tattoos of mushrooms or Snoopy’s pet duck Woodstock on their ankle.

In the nineteen’s (2019) women are outdoing their male counterparts with dark ominous detailed imagery inked over large swaths of their delicate skin. Unlike the “Salad days” of the ’80s, these women might be lawyers or law enforcement.

The phenomenon today isn’t the picturesque portraits or the sharp crisp artistic reproductions canvassed out on a toned and shredded body, rather it’s the remarkable collection of trash that some skins can accumulate before the body’s brain can say, “What the fuck did I do?”

You have to pose the question, “Don’t these rejects have any friends that might suggest avoiding permanent embarrassment?”


It’s disturbing to realize that such a vast array of idiots reside here in the greatest nation upon Planet Earth, the U.S.A., several right here in my town. Things have certainly diminished since I was a young would-be misogynist of the ’80s, my cousin blames it on the internet.

There’s more than just the social energy that a small tattoo could propagate, several former natural laws have been violated since then, here are a few strictly pertaining to women:

  1. Obese women settled for what they got and when they did, these women were loyal to a fault, they could cook the shit out of food and be in it for the long hall. Now? Good luck, even porkers “Don’t need a man!”
  2. Speaking of women, you knew where you stood, for the most part, now it’s anyone’s guess. In those simpler times, a man could make a good living going by the rule of thumb. The proper, soft-spoken and the gentlewoman took longer to get into bed, but they were the keepers and you could bring them home to mom.
  3. Women also publically accepted being the weaker sex, now they only acknowledge this biological fact when it clearly gives them the advantage.

These abnormal cultural shifts may have been caused by an unknown terrestrial magnetic pull and might explain why so many people voted for Hillary in 2016, I mean what else could it be?

Alphamagnus AV

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