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B-Polar Mania…Yee Hoo

Are you a Victim also?
I have been involved with a woman for four years. Four years of hell and torment only outshined by the temporary moments sun. This has been a balancing act tip towing over the eggshells. If you can understand the existence I speak of your aware of the great Bi-Polar ride. The most fortunate of this never-ending hell was the joyous baby we brought into this world. Most rank amateurs might suspect a brand new baby might bring some normality, no. Not even close
This woman only continued to get more violent more deceitful, conjuring up evil to the likes I’ve never see. When we got home from the hospital she didn’t even want to feed the baby. On occasion when she did, I was forced into night duty as well, but not what you would think. I was up every minute of every hour, keeping her mother from suffocating her.
I was constantly called out from work, by a woman who could no longer take it. I would answer the phone from a frantic irritated woman screaming at me to get my daughter. I would get home and smooth things, and we would talk about things at night. That’s when she would sinisterly lie to convince me how she was going to change. She just had a bad day. Well I am here to say if you’re brain damaged enough to be in a relationship with a bi-polar @#%@&^32 RUN!
Here are some truths you might recognize:
  1. When you argue, you’ll never win because the keep changing the premise.
  2. Unless on a manic high, they are lazy and unambitious.
  3. They have no concept of saving money.
  4. They only can fathom the here and the now.
  5. They could be willing to throw it all away, not thinking of the consequences.
  6. They get jealous of other woman on TV
  7. If you haven’t been belted in the head with a coffee cup, you will be.
  8. They create fictional problems and dilemmas loosely based on truth.
  9. They never think you love them enough.
  10. You never do anything for them.
    Blah Blah Blah
I have realized after four years of counseling and therapy, that this woman will never change. We are no further from step one then when we first met. I was in complete denial, she could make things sound so good. However, deep in side I new she never had my back or our babies back. This mentally ill person like her always put her needs above anyone else, she has a low tolerance for uncomfortably.
I just want you suckers to let go. You’ll never change them they believe the world must change for them. Give up! Cut Loose! Jump ship!
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