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Away with Washington’s Waste

The federal government and more than enough of our state representatives have failed us, they need to go. In the event you might have been in a coma for the last 100 years, and still believe that our elected officials are anything other than a corrupt ego-maniacal gaggle of thieves, let me enlighten you. From the original bastion of moral inequity Ted Kennedy, to uber sinner Chris “Countrywide” Dodd, right on up to our smiling dolt of a Vice President and ultimately the President, this government needs to be purged, now!

They are lying to us, they are destroying the republic that was so carefully constructed by our founders, and implementing a communist regime that will keep it’s control by the barrel of a gun. Our children are exiting the womb, into a society that argues education, healthcare, housing, and employment are all basic rights. People are being born owing the state, they are in debt to the federal government before leaving the hospital.

Governor Mark Stanford left his state for a week, on a tryst with an Argentine beauty, who was not his wife. Instead of spending Fathers Day weekend with his children and his wife, this degenerate scum left his governors post, to satisfy his needs. Yet, we have been conditioned to believe that an elected official’s private life has no baring on his office duties. Well I would like to think, a man who abandons his children and lies to his wife, would have no problem, sticking it to absolute strangers. We demand the best from ourselves, we should demand the best from our politicians.

Barack Obama, indebted generations, to economic servitude, with his trillion dollar bail out, while his political minions strapped billions of their own to the bill. By his own admission, Obama acknowledged the waste that our representatives weighted the bill down with, but signed it anyway. Mr. Obama has learned quickly, you can plunder Americans bank accounts, just keep them fighting about the erroneous differences between democrat and republican. The President, lives in luxury eating exquisite foods, and his family shops for the best, while he has the audacity to tell us we are living beyond our means and were a selfish nation.

All of these insatiable poppers need to be terminated from office, this had gone too far. They are creating a society where hardworking people must rely on government assistance just to survive. They will continue to crush the middle class and murder those too old to serve society or pay taxes or those too young and weak to power their slave machine. Most politicians are owned by special interest groups and big money lobbyist, they are too cowardly to buck the system. These parasites need to be dislodged from their host, us; replaced by concerned citizens whose salary must not exceed the national average income, followed up by strict term limits.