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ATTENTION: Mexico Wages War against US

Take a good look at our Southwestern border, it’s a war staged by progressives, fueled my money, lives, and drugs. It’s so important that the American State Run Media has been ordered to stay away. This is a war being waged with disinformation and subversive propaganda. It begins with progressives ordering their liberal stooges in academia, media, and the community to brainwash children into believing that the border states belong to Mexico, we stole them. White guilt is applied, so that a when white speaks out against the invasion of these criminals into their schools, society, and land they are conditioned to feel like a racist.
Even though people who unlawfully seep into this country are criminals in every sense of the word; whether they are poor and looking for a better life, or here to sell drugs and perform violent hideous acts, we are being conditioned to believe they deserve what we have. This always translates to state aid, crime, and the economical destruction of the middle class. Piece by piece we are losing our borders, this is a significant discussion and deserves action. We are blowing out 2 billion dollars a week on the war in Afghanistan and the $860 billion dollar secret is we haven’t changed a thing! As soon as the last troop is pulled from that hell in the dirt, it will be the same country we invaded only less populated, just as the progressives intended.
Mexican President Felipe Calderon is a terrorist. He is at war with the drug cartels in Mexico because they are the direct competition of the cartel that financially feeds his dictatorship. The make-believe War on Drugs is so transparent and a child knows that the C.I.A. along with other Calderon are killing people and allowing drugs to flow into The United States. We can splice atoms, send a human to the moon (before Obama wrecked NASA, that is) and clone animals, yet we cannot cease illegal drugs from entering our nation? Stop. Please.
The most sensible deterrent toward ending this invasion, that will negate America as we know it, is a wall along the border. The State Run Media and Left Wing propagandist have told the American people, “ A wall will not contain eager people (they wouldn’t say Illegals) who desperately want to enter The United States” . Come on you’ve got to be joking, I think that we have the capability of building a wall, if we don’t just kill us now. They have force fed us this myth for so long we are believing it, we have also been programed to believe we are somehow racist if we want to save our borders. The most outlandish democrat talking point of all time is, “We can’t afford to build a wall along the border” REALLY? We have given Mexico Billions of dollars in humanitarian aid and toward the (he he he) Drug War, but we can’t afford a wall?
President Obama let gun runners and criminals have thousands of weapons, with which Americans were murdered, yet because of the State Run Medias direct orders we heard merely a blip. This “Not War” on our border is going on right before our eye’s, but we have been desensitized, much like your children who ruthlessly kill people on video’s every day. America hears or views a horrible detail or vision as a consequence of this war from independent media, however if today’s tragedy does not surpass the explosive nature of yesterdays we simply dismiss it. The politicians know this and that is why we are sitting silently in our own urine, doing the Thorazine shuffle. If we were told today that unless we construct a wall on our the Canadian border, Canada would begin to violently overthrow our norther states, flood the country with narcotics, exploit human sex and slave trafficking, crash our economy and send billions of dollars back to it’s country, what would we do?
Now do you see how blind you are? Now do you see how you have been trained and brainwashed? The ultimate next treasonous step will be granting amnesty to illegals, this will be our end. Progressive politicians and democrats will have created a voting block which will ensure our third world status. All of these illegals will be given land, education, money and welfare. This will create civil unrest, it will be too late to use our God given right to change this at the ballet box. Then the military complex and martial law will ensue, ushering in our new dictatorship. God Bless America, Viva La Meheco!
They are Killing US By Degrees